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When selling a bike, do I let potential buyers take my bike for a test ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by julesm007, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am currently selling my first bike to upgrade to a larger one. I have a fella coming tomoz to have a look at it and he is bringing his nephew to take it for a test ride? Ummm..not too sure about that? Is there an etiquette for letting a potential buyer ride the bike I am selling? The potential buyer is only on a "L" licence hence the nephew coming as well!!

    Any ideas on how to sell a bike that hasn't been ridden by potential buyer?8-[

  2. your bike you let who you believe you should ride your bike, why the nephew though?
    I'd ask for a deposit, does your insurance cover other riders?
    What happens if the nephew damages your bike? who pays?
    when i sold my vtr the ad read 'no test pilots' sold it without a test ride!!
    good luck and there will be others with more point of vews responding
  3. Thanks Goddie, My gut says no test rides for those reasons exactly!! Insurance!! And I did wonder if I could ask for $1000 cash to cover me if something happens to the bike while its bieng taken for a test ride, ie the insurance excess!!

    Surely easier to just not expect a test ride as a buyer or to offer one as a seller!!??
  4. i bought my bike without a test ride.

    and i wont be letting someone test ride it unless they hand me the cash for the bike beforehand.

    you crash it, you buy it. and if you cant afford it you end up in hospital.
  5. Ask to see there licence, ideally you hold onto it whilst ONE is on the test ride.
    The other stays with you and you also hold onto there car keys.
    Write down rego/make colour etc as well
    [ if they are keen they wont object to any precautions you ask ]

    Also make it clear you drop it, you bought it !!!

    If they are both on foot and walk to see your bike, ride away [ quickly ]

    Another point is are you letting them come around to your house ?
    Not a good idea, meet them down the road so they cant see what your security is like.

    You wouldn't be the 1st one to loose a bike after showing a perspective buyer the day before.

    Best off ... go with your gut, if something doesn't feel right.... well ?!
  6. Way I do it is they either drop a grand and their license in my paw and I take them out for a ride. I lead on one of my other bikes, or they don't ride it.
    Most bikes shops have you sign a bit of paper saying you are up for the first two and a half grand of damage. And it racks up quickly. Even if you total the bike. Your up for the first two and a half G.
    One company I worked for had $130,000 in damages from it's stores in test rides (ha) in a year. They have seventeen stores but still a lot of damage.
    I know it's hard to sell sometimes. But better to be safe then even more out of pocket or chasing up some shmcuk for the readies.
  7. no test rides. you won't see your bike again.
    advert should have stated it.
    agree to take the bike to any mechanic of their choosing to inspect the bike after they leave a holding deposit. refundable if mechanic faults bike or price neg depending on what bike needs fixing blah blah
  8. I bought my bike from a dealership, they didnt allow test rides at all. I just had to judge the engine by the way it sounded running in neutral.
  9. i won't buy a bike i can't ride first.
    when it comes time to sell my current hack, anyone is welcome to ride so long as they give me the full amount in cash beforehand (under $4k) and i would oblige anyone i seek to buy from if they asked the same of me
  10. I've never sold a bike, but in the past I've had a couple of cars without full comp insurance and stated no test rides, but any mechanical inspection is welcome.

    If they want to test the bike they can go to a dealership first.
  11. The guy who bought my VTR only had L's so he brought his mate along who was fully licenced. They asked for a test ride & I said yes after mentioning that they would have to sign a declaration I typed up (you bend it you buy it) & me holding onto the riders licence. Also stated after they looked over the bike that as they can't fault the bike, if the test ride was ok I would expect him to buy the bike otherwise no test ride just for the fun of it. Came back from the test ride, looked over it again trying to fault it to get the price down, next day I had deposit in my bank & a week later the full amount in my bank before he had picked it up.

  12. I wouldnt let someone on their L's test ride my bike, they probably have no ridden anything besides the learners course bikes. unless they can prove ownership of another bike or that they have been riding for a few weeks etc.
  13. The WR400 I bought, I took a mate with me as I wasn't licenced as yet. He test rode it ( nor reg and motard slicks), no issue but I also bought the bike.
    Second bike, the owner an wife towed it from Warrnambool to Geelong. I told him if he has been honest I'll buy it on the spot and I'd offered a deposite. Looked it over, test rode with the statement 'you know the rules'. Rode back and bought it.
    Buying the 1098, went with a mate, he stayed with the owner and had my car keys. I went on a 15 minute test ride...you guessed it, bought it!
    I guess the moral is, if they look dodgy they probably are. Just sus them out and do what feels comfortable.
  14. You could take them as a pillion maybe.

    I would let someone test ride my bike if they gave me a deposit, but then it's not worth much and the fairings are already scratched. Take their licence so they don't nick it.
  15. I bought my learner bike (2007 VTR) from a couple in Woodend - they let me test ride it, even gave me a jacket to ware for the ride - I bought the bike.

    When selling I sold to a work colleague who was very familiar with the history of the bike and knew it was well maintained and looked after - he bought it without a test ride (even though I offered one).....each to their own I guess
  16. Could go the other way though, why should they trust you with their money? Say they give you the amount for the bike so they can test ride. Whats to stop you keeping the money and say they bought it even if they decide they don't want it?
  17. ^^ that's a very real problem. sadly i for one don't have an answer.
    but i can assure you i'm more honest than i look
    and i'm a hopeless liar
  18. I'm a bit more relaxed, and will normally judge the person on the day, I have asked potential buyers on the phone to bring an insurance deposit to cover my excess, if they say they haven't got the cash then I ask how they intend to pay for the bike. Tends to get rid of the tyre kickers.
  19. just a foot note, my first bike I sold to a guy, I am 6' tall and this giant dwarfed me!! His name was Karl Lewis!! Truck mechanic, guy saw it in daylight, had his learers, said he'd be back, came back with cash, rode off at night time, no test rides, no arguments!!
    Second bike test ride by guys father in law, country people, trailerd it home for the kid. Third bike, no test ride, didnt want to sell to him actually as guy was upgrading from a scooter to an xvs650?? WTF?? but he handed cash and his nephew rode the bike home for him, said he'd 'learn' in the hills of yarr glen! I stacked the next boke, but the last one sold again no test ride as he didnt sound confident so he paid cash and rode it away, that was the only bike i lost money on. You can sometimes gaueg people but there are alot how can I say it, not so 'nice' people out there, dont forget, it is your bike, you hard earned cash that you risj when someone rides it.. and yes the old rule, you drop it you own it!! no if's but's or maybes!!
  20. Hi, sold my CBR not to long ago, we agreed on price, he left money with me, and if he damaged bike he owned it, and if he took off with it, I had the money. and of course look at licence and write down details, so if they do take off you can give it to police
    Hope the sale goes well.
    Cheers Lou