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When pranks go horribly right.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by QuarterWit, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. :LOL:
    Bet he didn't see that coming
  2. Yeah, but why'd he take his shirt off to slap him?
  3. To show off the pecs :?
  4. the day before that one 'evolution of a dance party' is pretty good too.

  5. Maybe thats how they fight over there.

  6. I LOL'ed

    (The camera-man seems to frame up perfectly, too perfectly actually, he fames up before movement...)

    "FAKETY-FAKETY-FAKE-FAKE" (Sorry just like stirring the pot cause I've read everyone here get shitty when someone calls something fake)
  7. what do u think he was gona do once he got up his chair? obviously he was gona deck the guy.

  8. That was a hell of a slap. I'm trying to think of the movie in which one of the characters explains that slapping a man takes him back to his childhood days of being smacked, thus giving the slapper enormous mental authority over the slapee..... I'm pretty sure it's Archie from RocknRolla actually.

  9. correct.
  10. its also very emasculating for the victim.
  11. Before I read that bit about the camera moving I was sold. You bastard! :LOL: