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When parked- Neutral or First ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DuHAST, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. sat on another guys bike on the weekend to check it out and it started to roll, i asked him why it wasn’t in gear, he said he never leaves it in gear when parked so as he never has to pull the clutch in when starting it, i on the other hand always leave my bike in gear when parked, always thought it the safest option so as if its bumped it will be harder to topple over, what do you guys do?

  2. depends if i am parked on a hill or not, within m y garage, work garage, flat areas etc, i always leave it in nuetral.
  3. Leaving it in neutral damages the cosmic force that binds the universe together. I thought everyone knew that?
  4. always in gear and hard up against the gear, if the bike moves backwards a bit it drags the stand, but if it moves forwards there is a chance the stand will fold and down goes my bike!!!!
  5. neutral, so it's easier to start up to warm up while I'm putting helmet/gloves on.
  6. But the universe is held together with gaffa tape.
    are you saying gaffa tape can be damaged?????
  7. always in gear since I had a bike fall down when I took 2 steps away from it once. Wasn't on much of a slope either.
  8. 1st... no roll... all good...
  9. Leaving it in gear puts load on your gears and shafts, so not as healthy for the bike - so my mechanic tells me.
  10. neutral in garage at home on the flat, elsewhere 1st.
  11. Always in neutral, same as the manual cars, cos the only accident (car) that i have had was starting a car in the garage in gear without the clutch down... oops! :oops: wall and shelves not v forgiving to the front end of a small car... and I dont want the same thing to happen on or to the bike -if only from an embarrasment factor :)

  12. Surely your bikes would have neutral cut outs?
  13. Shenanigans
    You telling me a few pounds of rolling torque will damage the gearbox more than the 100odd horsepower produced by the engine?

    Time to find a new mechanic who knows his head from his arse.
  14. 1st gear, always.
  15. definately 1st gear. seen to many friends bikes fall either thru a knock or jsut plain movement.
  16. Whenever I have it on the centerstand (which is most of the time) I have it in neutral. If I'm on the sidestand street parking etc then yeah I'd go first. I figure if it comes off the centrestand you're pretty much fcuked anyways :(
  17. :oops: d'oh - forgot about that... obviously not riding the bike enough... guess the neutral is purely a habit thing from the cars then :)
  18. Same here... I don't have a problem with remembering to take it out of first before I turn the Ignition because at "Stay Upright" where I did my L's and License test we were taught the acronym F.I.N.E.C.C (Fine Cee Cee). Fuel, Ignition, Neutral, Emergency, Choke, Clutch

    We were also taught a "Stopping" procedure. I.F.F, Ignition, Fuel, First...

    I've actually slightly amended the staring procedure and added a D to the beginning D.F.I.N.E.C.C (Define Cee Cee). The D is for Disk lock :grin:
  19. You leave your car in neutral :shock: :shock: :shock: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. N in the garage
    1st anywhere else.