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When my bike came to work.

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Benny Boy, May 2, 2011.

  1. Took these pics at work early 2010 while I was experimenting with some new equipment. My bike seemed like a good subject to light.


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  2. Nice pic's mate...
  3. I'll vote for the first one thanks ;)
  4. M50 ye?
  5. gorgeous pics!
  6. Yeah, 2009 M50
    red bike.
  7. think the 1st rocks
  8. you work at a strip club? ;)
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  9. first one for me too.........old school charm.
  10. Depends on the show that comes through.

    I work primarily as a lighting technician in a performing arts venue.
  11. Yeah those pics are awesome, love the first especially! Nice bike too
  12. I was thinking the same!
  13. Nice photos and effects!
  14. Thanks.

    Been a while since i looked at these. I always wanted to put white wall tyres on the M50. But she died horribly before i got the chance.

    Theres no editing believe it or not. All effects were done in camera.

    I'll have to add a few more one day.