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When it just 'clicks' *snaps fingers*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dangerous_daveo, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi all, just a quick motivational post!

    I've been riding for near on 18 months now, so not long. Really haven't had the bike time I've been after, work, other work, moving, stuff so I don't have to do work anymore, weather etc kept getting in the way. Maybe covered 4000kms on the VTR250, and just cracked the 2500kms on the STR.

    Anyway, had a couple of slight falls on the VTR, and near on dropped the STR within the first week (they really have a turning circle of a large car at walking pace! Caught me out, wedged body under bike). Confidence was not the best! Plus I'm a part time defensive driving instructor, so I know how bad some drivers really are! So there is the background so people can relate.

    Anyway, at last work freed up a little, the sunshine state started to live up to its name. I've managed to ride in to work 3 or so days a week, that has been helping heaps with the low speed confidence stuff. Then weekends I've been making sure to get to some twisties, even if its just Mt Coot-tha or some back roads out Mt Cotton way. Also driven Nebo a few times in the car over the past 2 months (gf wanted to come along). Anyway, went up Nebo 2 weekends ago, felt a little better, nothing major. Then went up again weekend just gone. First 10-15mins were a little sketchy in places, fortunately no cars or other bikes around, so it didn't worry me slowing down a little and collecting my thoughts. Felt good after that. Came across some cars, the pulled over the instant they saw me to get past, thinking at this point, can the day get better!

    Anyway, got over the top, at a break. Then down Glorious to the flat more open bit. I like this section, especially after the stupid downhill hairpins! Opened up the taps a fair bit, getting on the gas earlier and a little more each corner, slowly building it up, little more lean, more heat in the tyres etc. Felt really pretty good, all that Keith Code stuff making sense at last! Stopped at the T junction, had another break, drink of water, chat to a bloke with a white speed triple, emptied the bladder. Then back up the hill. By about the 2nd corner I was back in to it. By the time I got back to the hill, and the hairpins I was feel MUCH more relaxed on the bike than I ever have, leaning more, feeling more in control. Actually feeling the road, not just 'bumps in the suspension'. By the time I was up on the top, heading back down the Nebo bit I was feeling really good about it all. Didn't even think about the bit that I came off on the VTR.

    By the time I got home, and wiped a little of the smile off my face, and sat down to think about it all, I was pretty happy. Said to myself, at long last it has clicked. It hasn't all been a waste of time and money! This motorbiking lark is awesome! I've been riding to work this week as well, as to not forget the lessons and go backwards again. Don't get me wrong, I've not nailed it. Just hit an important milestone in the learning process, still a good 1-1.5cms of 'chicken' strips left, and I can move off the bike a lot more. But it will come with time.

    Just putting it up for anyone who might be in a similar position to me. You just need to find the time to get out there, and just keep working at it. You need some consistancy to get better. Which I really haven't had until now. And DON'T RUSH IT, you will get better with time!

    Pretty obvious stuff, but when you've been a little timid, its sometimes hard to get motivated.

    Turns out the short post is a long one. Sorry 'bout that! Hope it helps someone!
  2. Thanks for that! I'm sure this will help many long time AND short time riders. The long time riders still sometimes forget that they just need to get out there a bit more often and use all of their skills.

    Excellent write up, dave
  3. It doesn't click all the time, so on THOSE days, just accept it and go back to or maintain your smoothness etc. In other words don't go pushing it to try and "make it click". - it won't happen and you'll take risks by pressing on when you should back off a little.

    BUT! You've felt it now, so you will recognize it when the days are right. :)

    Just let it happen and revel in it making sure to keep your head in the game.

    Good feeling, eh! :)

  4. Yet again, you've hit the nail square on the head, John.

    Listen to this man....he knows stuff.
  5. it definately doesn't click every ride. and you need to recognise when it's not flowing/feeling right, and back off, and/or turn around and go home.

    that said, it's great it's clicked for you! thanks for sharing the stoak!
  6. Hey its taken me 18months to get this far, I'm by no means rushing it! The other morning the roads were wet, took it easy. Gave it some in straight lines so my brain learns there is grip there if I need it.

    I guess I was starting to get annoyed at myself as to how long it was taking for everything to feel natural. But still managed to tell myself, who cares take it easy, it will come with time, and it did. I guess I was probably trying to express that more. That there is no need to rush it, but you don't get better by going for a 30min ride once a fortnight. I've only got around to it now, as the time is there, and I'm comfortable with giving it the time it needs now.
  7. No probs. I didn't intend suggesting that you were rushing it, just that I know how frustrating it ca be when it's not all falling into place as you'd like during a ride, and how easily that frustration can lead you into danger "chasing" it. A rider can suddenly find themselves over-stretched and beyond their general, or specific ability on that day.

    One has to let the flow come to them, not try to make it happen, and be prepared to say to oneself..."not today", or "not right now"...especially if there is a little group pressure going on.

    This happens with ALL riders.

    Anyway - you're on the right track. :)

  8. See, posts like this remind newbs (like myself) who don't manage to feel at all comfortable on the bike after taking the prelearner course, to stop stressing and beating themselves up about how unco they feel on 2 wheels because this shit takes time and practise.
    Thanks for sharing.
  9. It's winter, so we tend not to ride as much. Come the end of summer, you will have advanced quite a bit more. Less dangerous conditions and much more riding under you belt. It usually takes me a month or two over summer to get back to where I was, at the end of the previous season.
  10. Great post and thanks for sharing.
    I'm similar to you as I've been riding since may last year (15mths) and only covered 8000km in that time. Being a shift worker means taking the bike to work isn't always my first option.
    I'll go out one day and feel brilliant and confident everything clicks then the next it just doesn't feel as right as the previous day. It can be frustrating but when I sit back and really think about those early months of riding I soon realise just how much I've improved.
    The other day I was coming up to a red light so I slowed down for it early (not wanting to stop) and balanced the bike brilliantly at a slower than walking pace (no wobbles) waiting for the light to go green. Now I can't do it all the time as smooth as that but a few months ago I couldn't do it at all.