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When it all goes wrong (and I want to Vent...)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by thetramp64, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Just a few ideas/ tips on posting in this thread.

    (i) The son of a motherless so and so ripped me off..........

    I understand your pain, truly.
    But to avoid a lawsuit, this would be better expressed as:

    I bought x from y on (date). It broke (details). When I attempted to return the (item/bike/ whatever), they told me to (suck eggs/ bugger off/ not darken thier door again/).

    This achieves exactly the same result but plays the ball (the facts) not the man (defamation).

    (ii) The above motherless SOB says he won't fix it!

    My first advice is always approach the shop.
    Most (reputable) shops will try to help.
    If however the dealer is a complete imbecile, don't go nuclear, stay calm.
    At this point Consumer Affairs may be your best friend.
    This however depends if the item / bike was new or secondhand.
    Beware, unlike used cars there is NO statutory warranty on used bikes.


    (iii) I have a general gripe about the imbecile at "Pirates" Spare Parts...
    Similar rules to (i) above.
    Tell it as it was, don't play the man.

    WE want to hear your pain, not that you have been sued for defamation....:evil:

    It's also amazing how a "Dear Mr Shopowner, your spare parts person told me to suck eggs" letter can work....
    Most business owners are not aware there is an issue. Some studies indicate that 95% of people don't complain. Or go back.

    I for one like feedback. Good and bad.
    If there is a (legitimate) staff issue, and I have any say, there won't be much longer.
  2. Good work Dave!
  3. Nice work Davo. =D>

    Just a suggestion, but maybe alter the underlined word to something else cos it is very bloody close to an existing name, even though i know you made it up.

    (mods-please delete this post if Dave decides to go ahead-cheers)
  4. Ooops. Amended. Thnaks for the tip.