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When is too much footie, way too much?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CrazyCam, May 4, 2016.

  1. As a new comer to Oz, back in 1986, I was surprised by the amount of "footie" on the TV.

    To be honest, I kind of fell for the VFL, even becoming a vague Collingwood supporter.
    (Yes, I know, all Collingwood supporters are a bit vague.) ;)

    In Sydney, I had no idea, nor did I care, about Rugby League, and, as for soccer.....no interest whatsoever.

    I didn't even notice that Rugby Union seemed to happen also..... (perhaps I went to the wrong school?)

    But now, all of Oz seems to be eaten up (according to the media) by all the various forms of footie......

    VFL had to go national and become AFL....yes, OK, but the parochial business of the various suburbs of Melbourne did have some appeal.

    Especially neat, to me, was visiting pubs in Adelaide, with piccies of the local ome of the games may have been soccer rules team on the wall, and the young bloke serving up the Coopers, is in the picture.

    But now, last weekend, I watched, on ABC news, wee bits of various games, where maybe the playing was great <shrug> but the stands looked more than half empty.

    Some of those games may have been soccer.... I neither know nor care....... but, it seemed to me that there was not really that much interest.

    As for the business of the "fairer sex" playing AFL or soccer..... OK, I am as happy to watch comely young ladies leaping about as any bloke, but,given what , looks to me like a lack of support for the original, blokes, games of rugby, soccer and Ozzie rules, why are folk trying to work up some enthusiasm for ladies leagues to play these games?
  2. Because greedy people think they can make money out of that too. All the codes are spending more than they are earning, but because FTA and pay tv are paying so much for broadcast rights, they wouldn't care if the games were played in empty stadiums. ....
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  3. in NSW, Rugby League seems to be some sort of Offender Supervision program.. but giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars seems to have backfired on the original intention :p
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  4. True, broadcast rights pay for pretty much everything now. The attendance is secondary and only matters to the clubs themselves.
    I think people would watch women's footy, and for the broadcasters it's cheap content with a ready made audience.
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  5. I'm getting my popcorn ready here because as soon as some one questions footy (any code) then I prepare myself for the inevitable.

    I've noticed a big increase in the flogging of codes on TV and you can't watch the news without being subjected to a good 30% of the news hour being sports news, but hardly any of it relates to the sports I'm interested in (motor sports).

    Personally I'm not into sports much at all with motor sports being the exception, I'll occasionally (once every 5 years at most) go over to a friends place to watch a State of Origin match, but that's more about having a beer and pizza and generally catching up. I freely admit it, I'm a geek/nerd and my game of choice is played on the computer.

    I vaguely remember seeing Grid Iron being played, here in Australia IIRC, by scantily clad females... it felt weird even flicking past it on the TV...
  6. and online betting company sponsorship/match fixing :p
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  7. Any amount more than zero is too much. I'd rather watch parliament.
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  8. Bloody 'ell! You really are a masochist!

    Having said that, if it was JUlie Bishop in tight VFL pants and a neat guernsey......yeah, I'd watch that.
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  9. Into blood sports are we?

    Re: the original question. My gripe is that I don't get to see my team play very often. I can't get Foxtel, due to my location, without a satellite dish, and to be honest, I don't feel like paying $60 a month when I can't guarantee I'll watch any TV at all in any particular week. And the betting adds drive me nuts. The sooner they are banned like smoking adds, the better for everyone.
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  10. People tend to forget that there is still a VFL if all you want is the footy without the razzle.
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  11. Please present your self to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately. It is obvious you are gravely ill.
  12. From "Politics" thread...

    Someone's got a crush :rolleyes:
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  13. When you call it footie instead of footy!
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  14. it's like asking 'how much is too much fun', I don't think there can be too much. esp with cable tv you have plenty of non-footy options.
  15. upload_2016-5-4_19-53-39.
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  16. When is way too much Bishop, too much Bishop?

    for your spank bank :p
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  17. Funny you should say that, Petesul.

    Today, I have to go and do the aptitude tests at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, for admission tomorrow.
  18. you don't have to watch parliment, bring the groove yourself
  19. record crowds for AFL games this year and the footy has been fantastic...
    go Saints :)
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  20. Spank Bank??? Can I go first

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