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When is it OK to pull a wheelie?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Anywhere, wheelies are COOL!

  2. Just in light traffic, out on the open road...

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  3. Only when theres no other cars around...

  4. Racetrack/controlled environment, under power...

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  5. NEVER, wheelies are for hoons!

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  1. Just thought it was interesting whan I did a search on what people think of hoons on this site, and I see there are a majority of "safe" riders. Amongst us, there are those who enjoy a wheel lofting experience, and its not the power mono inbetween corners in the twisties im talking about... Its the purposeful stunt wheelie. Im not saying I endulge in such activities, or I condone doing dangerous things to get the adrenaline pumping, but I just want to know how you guys percieve what is acceptable or not....

  2. Option 1. Anywhere, wheelies are COOL!

    Just dont get caught doing em by the pigs, & 2; dont f*ck up whilst
    showing off. :)
  3. There should be an option "anywhere EXCEPT in front of a police officer"
  4. It should be mandatory while lane splitting, but only if you've had a couple of schooners beforehand.
  5. If your name is Uncle Bren, or Loz... the answer is absolutely ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

  6. any where there litlle kiddies waving on the side of the road :grin:
  7. +1

    I say wheelies anywhere! And for none hi-jacking thread purposes i wont say anymore.
  8. I wish my GS500 could pull them like my R6 used to.

    I guess thats probably why im alive now :roll:
  9. It's ok in traffic on Hoddle St though cause they can't lane split a Commodore. :)
  10. Hey Don't forget pommy boy.

    I want to say when there arn't cars about, but there is always that D!ick who pulls out of a drivway or whatever without paying any attention... So I am stuck with "Under controlled conditions"

    Let's see if i keep to that once I actually have the power to pull em. [​IMG]
  11. I actually heard out the front of girls high schools are a good place to practice them.

  12. While you're just learning you might want to add 'on a bike you can afford to throw down the road' to 'in controlled conditions'.
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  14. You're pulling what in front of girls high schools? :eek: (re: topic name) :wink:
  15. Definately not something to do. Guaranteed bashing awaits you when you go to jail. :LOL:
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    i thought to myself 'yay a video' then it was blocked. Then i realised i have blocked video sites to stop us reaching the download limit... now i hate myself lol :roll:
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    It's just the wheelie Biaggi did when he was finishing some race. The one where he nearly flips the bike lol. Incredible save!