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when is it appropriate to get annoyed with your mechanic?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by markwearspants, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. g'day.

    So I ride a 2005 cbr600rr.
    recently I had to take it to my mechanic for a minor electrical problem. the diagnoses was a front loom due to a faulty/damaged blue plug.

    He said he was busy so couldn't get around to it till monday, 4 weeks have passed since then. I have called a few times and he said he was hoping to have the part by friday (last friday 25th nov). still no word

    He is a very good and respected mechanic that looks after me but i'm pretty worried and a little frustrated now. Has anybody else had a similar experience and what action did you take?
  2. Finding a decent mechanic is like hens teeth.
    And they know it. The good ones. Best bet is to go down and face him. Don't lose it but say "Hey Mate. Four weeks for an hour and a half job? I need the bike. WHY DIDN'T you advise me it would be this long?"
    I wouldn't want to wash a good mechanic. Well till I had found another one.
    Noosa motorcycles did the same shoite to me and I will never use them again. And they know it.
  3. thanks dude. yeah i'm just too scared to say anything because i'm worried he will do a half arsed job or charge me a ridiculous amount
  4. pick the bike up tell him you need it this week and can't wait . take it to someone else
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  5. Mechanics typically hate electrical stuff, shoulda taken it to an auto electrician or something
  6. I was in pretty much the same boat, I put the bike in for a service, knowing that something is wrong with the bike, I put the bike in for the service (26,000km) and he told me I need a new rear brake overhaul (warped disc which warped the piston on an angle - which if I didn't do anything about it it would make the new brake pads wear at an angle).

    Any way I said, I haven't got the parts in stock I'll have to order through Suzuki and pick up in a couple of days, I'm like okay thanks, thought it would be pretty simple just bring the bike in once I get a call up from the mechanic, about two weeks passed and I still heard nothing from him, so I gave him a call and said he hasn't had a chance to pick them up, I'm like no biggie I'll wait a week and hopefully get a call.

    Three weeks after that, I rang up, asked if any there's progress on the parts, and he said he hasn't ordered them yet. I was kind of annoyed, it cut into time I could be riding longer trips (I don't really want to be riding around without a rear brake), so I'm taking my bike elsewhere once I move jobs (one more week).
  7. He doesn't seem to be giving you straight answers, so, have you called other dealers, and found out if the part you are after is in the country or has to come from Japan? I would be finding out why it's taking so long, but it sounds like it's coming from overseas, if not then he's just f@cking you around.
  8. i knew what the problem was but didn't want to tackle it myself. my mechanic knew straight up what the problem was, there was physical damage on a plug so it was confirmed before I left the shop
  9. thats why it's so weird because he is a straight up bloke, very good at what he does. i just hope my battery was on a trickle charge and i'm going to pick it up with 10 liters of stale BP ultimate. such a waste!
  10. I think you'll be ok with the battery and fuel. I'd be calling other shops and finding out the truth. At least with information about the part, you can confront him.

    Regardless, over a month for one part is ridiculous, unless you are informed of it prior to getting the work done. I worked in a bike shop for a while in spare parts. If I had to order parts from overseas, I would inform the customer, to give them the choice whether they wanted to wait for it or not. So they might try and get it from the wreckers, if that is appropriate. I'm sure you would be able to find that part at the wreckers. I have saved thousands of dollars by going to the wreckers first, and doing the work myself, including complete engine rebuilds. It's actually very rewarding... Maybe next time, if it's not a big job, have a go yourself?
  11. 4 weeks for parts out of Japans. Not untypical even though it's probably a common replacement part. Bike industry need a bomb under it.
  12. I deal with Honda spares 2 or 3 times a week and have done for nearly twenty years.
    I've never waited longer than 10 days for a backorder part.

    Honda don't f#ck around. It sounds as though your repairer does though.
  13. Honda looms ha ha.
    They are good at getting parts to you. But it is a nightmare getting stuff out of Japan. There is a big back log of shoite there and here.
    If it's just the plug end bit though, why not just replace that?
  14. Rubbish. All the Jap distributors have a system called VOR (Vehicle off road). When the order is placed you tick the VOR box on the screen and it goes on the next air freight order out of Japan. It takes two weeks max to get stuff from Japan if you use the VOR system. The only time you have a drama is when Japan are out of stock and that very, very, very rarely happens.
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  15. Strange I've heard "That'll be 4 weeks out of Japan" a few times spoken to Honda customers.

    Maybe they tell them that to be safe
  16. Um you do realize the poor bastards just had half their country all shook up.
    And yes I have worked bike shops for over a dozen years. Also have quite a few contracts with Aus post.
    4 weeks is about right for getting stuff out of Japan right now.
  17. dunno to be honest. I live in west melbourne and he is the only good mechanic I know of. starting to get very frustrated now. we are expecting good weather for the next week so if I don't hear back from him by 4pm thursday i'll go down there.

    also if anybody knows of a good mechanic in melbourne please let me know. price is not an issue i prefer to pay more and get it done right
  18. Bugger. Ok tell you what. Ring a Honda dealer. Or go in with a nice sandwich and ask for the service manager.
    But anyone in spares to the workshop can go into their computer and go into spare parts order and see if there is one in the country. It has it on the screen when you order. Even tells you how many are in the country.
    Then go in armed with valuable information and don't let him piss you around. Not worth that much grief.
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  19. I just rang up honda there are none in the country at the moment. might see if I can get one express from the states. I appreciate all the help guys
  20. Is this the sub-loom your after? If so just go to Vic Wreckers and pull it off a crashed bike. You'll be back on the road before you know it.