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When is a good time to do your first track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GW 18 & 5, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. I've been off my restrictions for a few months and have an 08 GSX-R 750. I'm keen to start doing track days but I'm a bit daunted (and excited) about the idea of it. Is it something that I should be doing sooner rather than later or is it better to rack up a year's worth of solid strret riding and getting more experienced?

    What are your opinions? Do you wish you'd started earlier or waited longer?


  2. Do a Superbike school first.


    It's a great initiation to the track, and also valuable learning for you riding skills.
  3. Are you in Victoria?
    PMCC is running a fun day and race school at Broadford on Saturday November 29th.
    If you want more info, ask about it here or visit www.prestonmcc.com.au
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  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm not a spammer and not sure why you would think so. I'm in Canberra and happy to provide a number for you to call.

  6. get out there and do one.....never to early to start imo......it's amazing how it will improve your confidence of both cornering and just how much grip/traction and what a tyre is capable of :shock: :wink:
  7. I think Rog is calling the cat a spammer, not you bud.
    Just about everybody who has done a trackday have all said the same thing...
    'I wish I had done this earlier'. So get started as soon as you can.
  8. If you're riding a 750 then you'd have to be right. I see people on P's on some days at Wakefield Park and it's pretty close to you.

    In case you didn't know, check www.circuitbreakers.com.au for dates.

    I can be a spammer too :)
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  10. If you do a Phillip Island ride day, they have first timers group which you can elect to join.

    This gives you some basic training and well as someone to guide you through the day, answering your questions etc.
    Basically a hand hold for your first time on track.

    Race schools would be a good place to start though. The pace will be slower and you learn the right way to do things from the start,
  11. Thanks guys. Im obviously too sensitive at 5:30 in the morning!
  12. +1!
    THIS is the best introduction to track riding. Either that or one of the other schools. You'll learn far more in a short time, and still have fun. Even just level 1 is enough.
  13. - Do it on a good weather. This means booking late. I usually book 2 days before, so that I know the weather forecast.

    - Join the slow group. Don't worry it's not slow. I saw people with slicks, tyre warmes in a slow group.

    - Choose the track. PI is fast and intimidating (but beautiful). Broadford is slower and fun.

    - Never follow a faster rider. That would end up in tears.
  14. Why do people keep saying 'spanner' :?
    metric/imperial ?
    what size?
    ring/open ?
    Just use a bloody shifter :roll:
  15. Have you spilt some thinners down there Vin?
    You might need to open a window bud :grin:

    edit: oh I get it...


    Subtle, very subtle :grin:
  16. Yep. The cat is a spammer.
  17. Seems like a good choice to start out, when not too far from home. Think CB are genuine nice players in the land of track days. After you have done a couple, you may want to try other tracks etc.
  18. I've booked my first track day in October at EC, I was waiting till it warmed up a bit.
    From all the regular track riders I've spoken too they have suggested do 1 track day first then do a school as that is the best way to get the most out of your school day.

    Even if you can't go too fast on your first day it will teach you a lot about your bike which will be valuable on the road.
    So yea, DO IT!
  19. I say just go and do it. But remember always ride within your own limit and not try to outdo yourself
  20. Do your first trackday ASAP, you will love it. I did my first one on a GS500 and it was still awesome!

    A group of Canberra people will be at Wakefield Park on the 24th of September - shoot me a PM if you are interested.