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When I got home last night, this was waiting for me ......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. An Express Post Pack, no post marking, address in hand to me, and the Sender Info on the back simply read

    Santa Claus
    North Pole

    In it was a Christmas Present, wrapped in Christmas paper, and then in bubble wrap in the Christmas paper was this :



    Thank you Santa, but you shouldn't have, you really really shouldn't have !

  2. Whoa. Just think mate, if you were a bit naughtier, it might have been Mariah.
  3. It's OK Doonks....you can tell us it's what you really wanted.....we can accept you for who you are...


  4. Is that your handwriting Doonks? :grin:
  5. "I'm gunna sit right down and write myself a letter,
    And make believe it came from you..." :LOL:

    Nice present, Peter, but isn't Santa's handwriting a bit 'girly and young" for a geriatric bloke?
  6. no you dopes - that's definitely a chicks handwriting. I reckon it was either Phanoongy, PNUT or Mouth that sent it to me .........
  7. Muahahahaha, I love it, someone actually paid money for the specific purpose of giving you something crap. Shows motivation and creativity. I say behave worse next year to see what they come up with :LOL:
  8. Has anyone else seen the video clip to that song...she is hot!!!
  9. Or even worse....Whitney.....(now, where's that CD of the Bodyguard soundtrack....)
  10. :LOL: :LOL:

    I love the fact that someone took the time and effort to send that to you.

    Anyway we all know that was what you really wanted. :p
  11. Hahahahaha! That's great..
  12. And being Hillary Duff, i doubt and one who got coal for xmas would be willing to do a trade either...
  13. Jeeezus you can wing Doonks, ya got more than I did. Ya lucky prick
  14. Hahahaha, love it. $8.95 at KMart aren't they those CD's? :wink:
  15. I dunno Mouth, check the receipt !
  16. Hillary is Nice.
  17. I Saw dome of those on Ebay for $0.99, postage free from HONG KONG..

    You got a Chinki Santa stalking you.. Doonks. Ho Ho Ho Marry Kismas Doonky.. :LOL:
  18. I dunno who it was...................... YET !!!
  19. Don worry.. you'll find her soon.. and I am sure (s)he is one from here.. (if its not you@!@).

    You'll let us know .. won't ya Doonks??:)
  20. of course .......... it could also be one of the crowd from the ski forums