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When I finally have enough $$$ for a Yammy XVS650...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Ben ZfullerSchitt, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hey hows everyone? My name's Ben. I'm from Brissie. Just finished Q-Ride last week but do not have a bike of my own just now due to lack of $$$. But when that situation is rectified I'm definitely going to be chasing a Yamaha XVS 650. My question is, is it better to pay some extra and get these bikes off the showroom floor, or are used bikes with a logbook a worthy alternative? In other words a brand newey vs a run-in bike I guess. In the case of used bikes, how many km's on the clock would be an aceptable range, and what sort of price would I be looking at? I know there are quite a few variables to this question, but I'm just looking for some rough advice so I can start planning my finances now. Any advice along the lines of : "if you see an XVS with this, this and this, for this much, take it!" would be much appreciated. Cheers, Ben.

  2. Used are fine
  3. If you find one thats one or two years old they are generally in the $8000 to $9500 range so if you find a 2010 for $8K then youre doing well
  4. Hey nice choice - stick to it.
    Some one has a new one in crate
    For sale - un wanted prize -
    Cant remeber which forum lol but can
    Check for ya.
    Old one is fine i bought a 2002 model
    Not long ago and its sweet as.
    Low k s though .
    I should find one under 20 ,000 ks
    For 7 grand
    Neg hard most peeps ask for more
    Than they want.
    Last bikevi was a prick and offered 1000
    Less by text message
  5. Second hand is good, someone else has taken the brunt of the depreciation, the first round of services have been done and usually any bugs ironed out. Anything that hasn't been thrown down the road, is under 3-4 years old and has less than 20k is what I would look for.
    Be a tough negotiator, don't get emotionally involved til you own it and walk away if you smell a rat. If you buy privately make sure there is no encumbrance on the bike and that the rego matches the name of the guy your buying it from, ask to see a license when you check the rego papers. If you buy from a dealer, ask for some added value, they might chuck in some gear etc.
  6. Used all the way
    I bought my old XVS brand new and lost $$$$ on resale
    Even if you get a deal on gear buying new, it won't be as much of a saving compared to buying second hand
  7. Also check out the section under new riders and riding tips, there's a sticky from mouth on buying bikes from memory.
  8. I bought my 1100 used. It had 11,000 on the clock. No log books, but I had it serviced immediately as a little bit of insurance. It is now up to 30,000 without missing a beat.
  9. Ben, the Yamaha cruisers go for ever. As others have said, anything less than 20 thou on the clock is not even warmed up, and so good buying. For your first bike you will get a well set up bike for less than $8k and less then 5-6 years old. I learnt to ride on one and then upgraded to an XVS 1300.
    Since you will probably be buying a bike ridden by a newbie check the service history and/or make sure you get an independent mechanical check, even if buying from a dealer. You want to be sure oil has been regularly changed, brakes are in good shape, and tyres still have some way to go. The Bridgestones that Yamaha recommend should get 10k easily (I got more), and so you want to know when they were last replaced.
    Also need to be aware the friction point on the XVS 650 is a long way out (relatively). Search on here and you will find a replacement clutch lever you can order in from the states for $50 (I got one, just cannot remember the name) that fixes this problem.
    You won't regret buying one.
  10. I just bought my 2010 XVS650 with 3900km on the clock for $7900 from a dealer (Peter Stevens FTG). The only issue I've had is that there wasn't much rego left on it, so I had to cough up $600 a month after buying it. I'm still really happy with the price for what's essentially still a brand new bike in immaculate condition.

    Redbook says private prices for the same model range from $7800 to $9200.

    Agree with this 100%. You can get used to it, but it's a pain in the arsk and why make things more difficult than they need to be? The after-market clutch lever is called the "Clevver". I just bought and fitted mine on the weekend and it's made a big difference. $50 including postage, received in a week, fitted in 10 minutes. www.theclevver.com
  11. Many thanks for all the input - nods all round. That was exactly the sort of info I was after. Let the saving begin!
  12. After a lot of research and speculations - I picked up a brand new one last year (Got a good deal on it)

    The price difference between a few years old and brand new was not much and it was good to get the warranty as well (inc. 1 year rego thrown in).
  13. I bought my xvs650 custom 2nd hand. lts a 2010 model and had done less than 500k's in mint condition with 12mths reg, leather saddlebags, sissybar and engine guards for $8500. lve just put floorboards on it (easy to fit) and about to take it up the coast and back on a 12 day trip. lts an awsome bike. Look around, there's a few to choose from. The new custom 2012 model comes in black or black which is cool if color doesnt come into it or you love black. Depends on how much you have to spend & what you want eg: warranty/accessories. Good luck :)
  14. Always keep your eye on the dealer for a good deal, however the nature of these bikes means they turn over a lot, and with a fairly steady value but bargains are there to be had.

    As cruiser riders fall in to the catergory (by-and-large) of more power is better, the change up happens pretty low in the KM and age range of these bikes. Add that to the harley-envy which is prevelent and there's always someone looking to sell to pay fot the next one.
  15. I brought mine new last July,XVS650 custom 2011 model for $9990, There are good deal's around on new Bikes also second hand, Put Vance@Hines Short Shots Pipes on as soon as i got it.

  16. When I bought mine, Peter Stevens FTG had a new one for $9990 ride away as well. Not sure if they still do. Out of my price range, or I'd have seriously considered it. That, and the whole "black only" issue. Mine's red, which means it goes faster :)

    How are the Short Shots? I'm planning to put Cruzers on mine when I have some spare cash.
  17. And dont forget tassles.
    You need tassles.
  18. This is excellent advice. Highly recommend the 'don't get emotionally involved' bit. When you work out how to do that, can you let me know :D. All the best with finding a bike. Cheers.
  19. V&H Shorts were a bit too loud for my liking so I got the Cruzers instead!

    They're awesome. :D
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