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When ? for a new VTR1000 ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by stu_h, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. HI there peeps..

    Been out of the bike thing for a while, 5 years or so , but have owned a vtr1000 or two in the recent past and been on a few aus.moto rides...

    Wondering if anyone has heard any whispers of a new Honda VTR replacement ?

    hanging to get back in the saddle, but dont want to buy another one of these and have a new one show up ....

  2. RC51 is officially dead and buried as far as anything we can determine. Discontinued in all markets now and no talk (or even rumour) of a replacement any time soon. Shame, because they are a great bike(apart from their piddly fuel tank :twisted: )
  3. Well thats a damn shame.
  4. Don't get me started.

    A new 1200 twin like the Moto Morini with the lower price, build quality and after sales support of a company like Big Red (or Suzuki etc) is just about my perfect bike.

    I'm keen to see the new V4, but twins (and triples to a slightly lesser degree) are my true love.

    Ducati, BMW and Moto Guzzi have all upsized to 1200 twins, but Nippon Inc seems less than interested.

    I pray there's a surprise announcement in store, but hope is fading.

    The 1200 motor derived from the 750 that Aprilia has in the Shiver and Dorsoduro is no secret, but any bike with the larger donk has yet to surface despite them pretty much having said they were on the way a while back.

    The global financial situation may well have delayed their release. I hope so. I wouldn't rule out the announcement of a well sorted 1200 Shiver due to the extra R&D time before the end of the year. That would be a fantastic bikes, the dealer situation less so.

    Or Suzuki could just hurry up and build my naked sporty streetfighter with the 1800 twin from the M109...
  5. I like the way you think, Wayne (although a "sports" M109 is a bridge too far, I feel.) :roll:
  6. I like Honda, but not quite sure if my next bike will be another Honda. They seem to be going the same way as Toyota (in cars), boring and overpiced.
  7. Boring, well, the jury's still out on that one. The Fireblade DID win Sportsbike of the Year and the 600 isn't far behind.

    Overpriced, definitely not. The rule that "You get what you paid for.." is never more appropriate than it is here. Despite the fact that Honda is farming out some construction work to off-shore facilities, the fact remains that, if you want legendary build quality and finish, you buy Honda. Yes, you MAY pay a little more (though I'm sure every dealer has been issued with instructions from MPE to "do deals") but you get what you paid for; quality, longevity and a bike that will still look fantastic 10 years from now.

    Yes, I know that you won't HAVE the bike 10 years from now, but you WILL be grateful when it comes to trade-in/private sale time.
  8. It does seem as if the Japanese have decided to leave sporty V twins to the European and concentrate on their main game (inline fours).

    In fact, you won't see very many new models of any kind from Japan until they recover from the GFC and (I suspect) work out what the future holds for internal combustion engines in general.

    I think you can buy current models with reasonable confidence that there isn't much waiting in the wings.
  9. I hear what you are saying, however:

    The new CB1000R - NZ$21K for a 2007 Blade motor. What do the current Hornet riders upgrade to, if you take that the last Hornets went for NZ$10.5K. So if I decide to trade my 2008 H9 in I will most probably get 7K for it, which means that I will have to fork out another 14K to ride away on a CB1R, I just can't see that I'm getting 14K worth of bike more... Take into account the demographic that the naked liter class caters for - middle class, family man , that needs a multi tasker for commuting and fun, so not exactly Mr Moneybags.

    The new Blade goes for NZ$27 to NZ$29.5 (depending on spec), I'm sorry, but thats getting "up there" for a Jap bike, price wise.

    Yamaha R1 - NZ$24K
    Suzuki GSX1 - NZ$21K
    Kawasaki ZX10R - NZ$ 20K
  10. Its an interesting choice to drop the vtr1000, without a new version.

    from my (limited) knowledge , this has been a HUGE seller for them ..

    leaving it unchanged for so long im sure would have hurt their sales, but stepping out of this market altogether?

    It doesnt make sense to me

    (GFC excluded.)
  11. Me neither. But then, I don't run a global multinational company that is worth squillions.

    Thing is, given Ducati's decided advantage in the WSBs you'd reckon that Honda would repeat the exercise when Edwards won the championship on the SP2 by releasing a 1200 in sports and sports tourer variants. It's had limited success on its inline four as indeed have all of the Jap manufacturers.
  12. Farab, I'd be hanging onto the H9 for a fair bit longer in your shoes: you've taken the massive depreciation hit already, why line up for another one immediately? And don't try to tell me you're hitting the limits of the H9 on the road. ;-)
  13. I most probably will for while. When I bought the bike, it was matter of bang-for-buck at that stage, of which the H9 was damn hard to go pass (if you wanted new I4). The CB1R, which I fancied and still do, was not yet released. The plan was to upgrade to the CB1R, but since then I can't justify its pricing - even though its Honda, the pricing just somehow doesn't feel right for the bike that it actually is. I can get my head around the fact that you pay little premium for a Honda for the usual reasons and then the actual price (minus the premium), but as I have said in my post above, Honda seems to have lost the plot with their pricing in the last 6 months or so. Chatting to quite a few guys at bike shops, rides, etc., seems I'm not alone thinking this. I may wait a while longer and maybe pick up a second hand one with low milage, that has already taken that new bike depreciation hit.

    The H9 would be heaps better, almost perfect even, if it came out with decent suspension. I'm busy looking at a replacement unit for the rear shock - Ohlins at NZ$2K plus about another 700 for upgrading the front.

    Its a sort of love-hate thing at the moment. Love some aspects of it and makes me want to keep it, then theres things that really bug me and makes me want to sell it... :LOL:
  14. Ok , So ... I used to own a vtr 1000 , black First version , plate : VADER....

    Am I silly to want to just buy another one ?

    there are a few 2007 models around the $10K mark....

    under 30,000 clicks....

  15. The big international bike shows start around next month. We should hear something of what's in store over the next 2-3 months.