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when doing your training.......listen!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by luvmyzed, May 23, 2013.

  1. I had a pre learners course during the week and it was very interesting to notice how students (regardless of age)can make it easier for themselves to pass or not to pass, by two very easy tips.............................................

    listen to instructions and implement them!!

    One student was an older man who could ride (just) and would not do anything we asked/told him to do to improve his riding, ie stay off the front brake while doing slow U-turns, look THROUGH the corners etc, consequently his riding did not improve over the 7.5hr course. He thought he "knew" better and failed his "L"s

    Another student on the same course barely could speak english (from Afganistan) With a lot of hand gestures and slow delibrate speech, we both got through the barrier of comminication. He listened and his riding improved over the same amount of time, consequently he passed with flying colours!!

    Even if you are the best rider out there ( or so you think) when going for your "L"s or "P"s...........LISTEN...........you just never know what tips you may pick up that will improve your riding!!!!

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  2. Pity 'Stop' signs or hazzard warning signs or the Road Users Hanbook don't come with hand gestures or slow deliberate speech.
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  3. If you are going to quote, please provide footnotes as to who you are quoting. I would like to know who said

    "knew", "L"s, and "P"s.

    In other "news", it's Be A Jerk About Internet Grammar Day!
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  4. same with when I did mine..........a young guy came in for his MOST all cocky and boastful about how long hes ridden, rode there with shorts and sneakers. The guy would not listen and thought he knew better.......

    Nearly everyone else hang on every word and followed instructor instructions as best they can, asked questions and really tried to better themselves......

    Young cocky guy failed misserably........I was surprised they let him continue after the road riding section, where he entered a one way entrance (the wrong way) and rode at 30kph on a 60 zone lol.

    Moral of the story is that everyone can always learn.....if they only listen.
  5. Yup!

    Over the years I have found that, as a sweeping generalisation, ladies tend to listen, and do what they are told...... at least wrt learning to ride motorbikes ;) , while blokes often want to argue or do it "their" way.

    Strangely enough, it was the same when I was teaching folk to drive cars.
  6. Not so much just listen, but to understand and apply what was said. Definitely be open to learning something new.
  7. Had my instructor for my P's ages ago ask what we rated ourselves out of 10 on our riding abilities. One guy there who was cocky, said 10, thought he was cool because he was on a new hyosung GT250...

    Turned out to be the worst out of all of us, he couldn't do a figure 8.

    I was the only one who rated myself below 5, i rated myself a 1 out of 10 and was better than them all, lol...
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    Oh dear! Gurbs, are you pulling chains?! Were you not listening in class when they mentioned quotation marks can also be used for irony, or questionable concepts, eg. "knew", for colloquialisms, titles, names etc? Context, time and place.

    Agree. Also, under the pressure of test conditions, people can be inclined to forget much of what they learnt once it's over. Listening is a start point though.
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  9. Were I to accept your usage guidelines, I would still dispute their correct use in the OP. We were taught double quotation marks for actual quotes, single for the uses you mentioned.

    That said, I was just busting chops.

    P.S. Must admit I spent a good minute staring at this post, making sure I hadn't made any mistakes myself. Sure I managed it IRregardless.
  10. Yeah, be careful, you know what they say about "pulling 'chains' in glass houses"
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  11. Then it’s likely your style would fail at the door of some places. ;) It varies between countries, print mediums etc. For example, Harvard referencing system advocates single quotes while there are uni uploading sites (for plagiarism checks) that only recognize double quotes. What is usually sought is consistency.

    Sorry for ot folks ... just goes to show there’s not always one “right” way - which applies to far more than just quotes.

    PS – btw, know you were busting chops, like mine well-done thanks.:)
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