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When does the 2011 CBR125-R come out?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vash, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I can't seem to find news of it locally... Honda dealers dont seem to know anything about it and think im confused with the new CBR250.

    But it says it right here:

    Canada got the CBR125 in 2007 same as us, but got a big update in 2011.
    Better economy, more power, better quality and even cheaper...

    Thinking about grabbing one as a commuter, anyone heard anything?
  2. I hadn't heard anything about it. Everything has been overshadowed by the relaunch of the CBR250R....
  3. get the Yamaha
  4. No mention of a new model, or any model CBR125 for that matter, on the Thai website.

    Possible production's been stopped in favour of the CBR150R, with the "new" Canadian model just being a tart-up of the leftover stock (certainly wouldn't be the first time Honda's done that).
  5. we are a small country (population-wise) and a smaller market-place

    what comes to other countries doean't always come here

    we and others agitated for the Hornet to come here; it did, no-one bought it and now it's gone...


    see what I mean :(??
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  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha well done
  9. =D> lol bravo
  10. hopefully it doesnt. too expensive brand new. get a 07 or later model that comes with service history
  11. Yamaha is also bringing the YZF-R15 out, which is 150cc. You should sooner get one of those, or get a used CBR125R for a few months, sell it, and lose almost no money.

    You may think it will be fine as a first bike, but my CBF250 felt fast in the street, but once out in traffic, it's a lot safer if you can accelerate faster than a car.
  12. I honestly can't imagine a use for a 125 anything. Tiny, gutless (so dangerous) little thing, probably right at home in Asian markets perhaps - But deadset useless in Australia I would think.
  13. Yep. They make perfect sense for crowded Asian cities amongst the <1L cars or jungle villages where you're buying petrol in 1 or 2L soft-drink bottles by the side of the road.

    Utter insanity to try and ride one on the Highway in this country though, and bit pointless spending your entire restrictions period in 60-80kph zones.
  14. Good call raven, and this new one will weigh more and have LESS power. Gutless is not a strong enough word to describe how this bike will feel.

    I can't see Honda taking this new one in tandem with the 250r anyway.
  15. exactly, I don't see why they even bother put fairings on the bloody thing, to give an example how slow they are, my gutless1984 sr250 can flog the pants off a 125 in a simple drag race, (ive done it, don't ask) they are SLOW, thus very dangerous.
  16. Interesting how you guys are saying these small capacitiy bikes aren't practical for australia when the highest speed limit is 110KMH.
    In my opinion, the R6 and R1 for street use is far less practical and wasteful. These little 125s still do freeway speeds.
    I commute at the moment on a postie bike which is even less powerful.

    Its hilarious when people say its dangerous to have little power... wtf. i never use power to get out of situations, brakes are just as good for that.
  17. Screaming at redline to do freeway speeds on level ground isn't safe. What happens when a car starts to move into your lane, but you can't slow down because the idiot behind you is too close? Speeding up is one option, but not on a 125.

    Running anything at it's limit is stupid, both for safety and for maintenance.

    A 250 is a lot better for freeway use, as they tend to have top speeds of 140-160kph, which means they can comfortably hold 110.

    An experiment to try at home would be driving around 50kph streets in 1st with the engine screaming. See how exhausting it is? That's like a 125 doing 110.
  18. the YZF R15 can do 150kmh top speed and get 100MPG fuel economy. Certainly not near the limit.
    There are so many situations on the road where you can unavoidable die, such as the situation you described, which is extremely rare.
    Same as when someone turns into a sidestreet right in front of you, power isnt getting you out of that one, or when they run a red light.
  19. Well of course there are also situations that you brake to avoid... You still have brakes on a bigger bike - it's not like the choice is more power but no brakes. If anything, the brakes tend to get bigger (and wider wheels) to stop you quicker as well.

    How about getting these small bikes onto the freeway to begin with? What about when you have a short slip lane? 13 seconds to get to 110 before you merge may not leave you with much lane left? The traffic is likely moving somewhere between 100-120 kph. Can you reliably open the throttle to match the speed and slip into a gap on a busy motorway?

    There's a reason many scooters and 125s have a sticker that says "not for highway use".

    Also I think you mean "the YZF-R15 can do 150km/h top speed OR get 100mpg fuel economy". ;)
  20. These 125-150cc sportbikes can still accelerate faster than alot of cars, and have no issue getting up to freeway speeds before merging.
    Indeed, the 100MPG figure would only apply at maximum efficiency of aerodynamics/torque rpm. which is probably 80-90KMH