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When does EOFY sales usually start?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bulby, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I'm kind of playing with fire here by going for a test ride this weekend despite having just bought my current bike at the start of this year. May actually sell the current one and get the new one if I like it enough. Thought I'd hold off until they start their EOFY sales though.

    So yeah, when do the dealerships usually start EOFY sales? I know it happens every year for most dealerships, but I never paid enough attention to actually notice when they start :p
    To be more specific, I'm interested to know if the BMW motorrad dealers even do it at all. If they're anything like their cars counterpart, price negotiation would probably be close to impossible. Not sure if it makes any difference that they don't even stock the colour / trim I'm after. Assuming the test ride leaves me giggling like a little girl for hours on end, that is.
  2. It starts now. The closer to the EOFY you can wait, the better the deal you can expect to wrangle (unless the company has already had a great financial year).
  3. Does it matter that they'd have to order mine in from the factory? I'm guessing they'd be more keen on getting rid of floor stock.
  4. BMW dont discount much in my experience, because they want to preserve resale.

    You might get gear bonuses though.
  5. Thanks, guys.

    A bit off topic, but any suggestion on which route I should take for the test ride? It will be from the Southbank BMW.
  6. If the test ride is not long enough to go into twisties, I'd take City Road to Alexandra Ave towards Toorak, then St Georges Rd, Toorak Rd, then take the Monash on the way back.
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  7. from my observations......TOYS (mbikes/jetskis/etc) dont get discounted much. a few hundred here and there. thats about it.

    where else can you find a NEW VT400 that has been sitting in a showroom for 3 years...at full retail price? every now and then it 'drops' $500.00, then it goes back up again.
  8. QFT. But the fact that the VT400 is LAMS approved may play some part. That said, me wanting a limited edition that is probably the last and only one in Melbourne does not help my cause... at all.

    On that topic, what sort of price would dealers usually give you for trade-ins? Is market rate - $1000 or $2000 just wishful thinking on my part?
  9. i recon (and i am no expert by ANY means) that if you got a easy sale (for the dealer) for a trade in, you woudl lose about 1000.00 in a trade in.

    if you got a white elephant (Hyo, etc)......god help you trying to flog it off.
  10. god help me then... :LOL:
    Actually, not sure how hard it would be to sell mine. Considering how much attention it grabs everywhere, I'd think it shouldn't be nearly as bad as a hyo. (Can't seem to hop off the bike without anyone commenting on it)
  11. Rare bikes are easier to sell not harder I have found. Less competition. If someone wants one then they can't play you off another seller.

    Rare bikes keep their value more too. Look at the same year Guzzi and the more common Ducati, the Guzzi will be getting more with more miles.
  12. what can a BMW give you that the Victory Judge wont......???
  13. I've found that too, it's always been the common garden variety bikes (like the 3 Suzuki Bandit 1200s I've owned) that have been harder to sell.

    All the euro bikes I've owned have sold easily to the 1st or 2nd person that's looked at them.
  14. Lean angle :p
    And the option to hoist your bum off the seat in case of bumpy road.

    In all honesty though, I love both the Judge and the R1200R equally. But the R12R's practicality wins. Except I'm not willing to let the Judge go unless I get a very good offer.

    Good to hear that rare bikes tend to be easier to sell though :)