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When does a tyre need changing (not due to wear)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by DirtyWizard, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I noticed a small cut in my back tyre today I don't have a picture so I'll just describe it. I was checking the tyre pressure when I noticed a cut about 1.5cm long and about 1-2mm wide in the tyre.

    I know this appears minor but I'm pretty new and I've already had a 3.5K crash (I just got my bike back on Thursday after 2 months of insurance/repair rigmarol)

    Is this something to be immediately concerned about, or do I just keep an eye on it. Or is there some kind of product you can use to fix small cuts.

    And thanks for any replies in advance
  2. I had a front tyre on my 750 once that had a 15cm long slash in it, and was deep enough to have me worried about letting all that pressurised air out! (from a tyre channel on my bike trailer) I super glued it together and forgot about it. That tyre went on to do a few trackdayz and ate plenty of country miles, only when it was way past the wear indicator did it re-split open and then I changed it.
  3. take it to a tire shop and get a second opinion, tires are very important, its whats holding you to the road!
  4. ..... more to the point, was the cut there before the accident, was it caused BY the accident and should it have therefore been covered by insurance?
  5. HAHAHAhahahaha.

    And the nice sales man will say "Sure it will be fine, Please there is no need to spend any money here"
  6. Yeah I guess you need to trust who you buy ur rubber from, you could take that a couple of ways, both are true :)
  7. Really depends on how deep it is and where it is.
    Tread is usually just cuts in the tyre. It could be, if the cut is shallow enough, that the cut would wear out before you reach illegal tread depth. Then it might be that the nature of the cut will distort the wear pattern and damage the tyre more in that region.
    You really need it checked out.
  8. If it wasn't down to the cords, I, personally, wouldn't worry about it. That isn't a recommendation, just a statement of how I treat minor cuts in my tyres.

  9. tyre tyre tyre
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  10. Nobody should be riding tyred.

    I figure if others can abuse english, I can too.
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  11. Do a burnout. The heat will weld it back together.
  12. .... When it gets tired!!....:bolt:
  13. Try and open open it up and see how deep it is. If it doesnt, its your call, if it does, its still your call but you'll know what your riding on.
  14. AHEM!!! Tweet tweet tweet!

  15. ... Well at least I spelt it right!!....:grin:
  16. :| :-s

    No offence, but that wasn't a particularly good idea... You may not have had any incident but fuaaaaaaark.. Tyres aren't really that expensive to have to super glue them together... How deep was the cut??!

    Did you notice any difference in handling and under braking? :-s
  17. I dont ever think that it was going to open up. do you think that Rubber is some exotic material that cannot be repaired?

    I work in the rubber/ compounding industry and know exactly how different rubber compounds work with different cements under different load requirements.

    FYI the cut was deep enough to reach the insulation that holds the carcuss together.
  18. I'm intrigued that you've found a cyanoacrylate (I assume) that will deal with the operating temperature of a tyre under track day conditions. I've generally been disappointed by their heat sensitivity.
  19. Admittedly I don't have much experience or knowledge in the area compared to you then, I'm honestly surprised they could withstand that, good to know I guess