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When Do You Pull Over?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Petesul, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Today whilst pooling along heading towards Kinglake I saw a guy on the other side of the road on his phone, helmet off. No cars behind or coming the other way so I hung a U-ie. Turns out he was talking to his mate as they were to meet, but had not perfected the connection. Think the guy was even older than me too!
    Pulled over again later near St Andrews coming from Kinglake where a young fella seemed to be sorting himself out. Turns out he missed the right handed turn and went off slowly. He was ok, the bike and his leathers had some scuff marks but both were OK.
    When do you stop to check a fellow rider?

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  2. whenever i can make the decision quick enough and it is safe to do so.
    a lot of the time on highways i only see it as i go past in the wrong lane
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  3. I slow down and hold up an OK signal if all doesn't look right. People have done the same for me, a good bunch of peoples bikers.
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  4. Every situation is different. I have stopped in the city when ambulance, police were all standing around and a disconsolate looking rider was sitting on his own. In that case he had hit a pedestrian and was being ignored by everyone so I just stopped to offer some company while the police and ambos sorted themselves out. The rider appreciated someone to talk to I think.

    If I see a rider stopped by the side of the road I will generally slow and give them the thumbsup sign. If they are Ok they will generally return it and I keep going. If someone has come down I will stop and help them pick it up and just check they are OK.
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  5. A lovely man in a car pulled over for me today as I walked away from my bike. He offered to drive me to the nearest petrol station.
    I'd only just parked my bike on the side of the road because my mate's driveway is a steep and tricky nightmare.

    I was chuffed that someone offered to help me out though.
    There's hope!

    I guess my attitude is to pay it forward.
    Maybe I'll need help some day so just a thumbs up and acknowledgment back is never any hassle.
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  6. Apparently not when the rider is of the other Gender, not unpleasant of appearance and in nice leathers whilst your partner is in the car with you. My concern was genuine, I swear.
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  7. Usually I'll slow down & give the thumbs up sign too, unless there's something obviously wrong in which case I'll pull over. Even if I can't fix it, I might have phone service or something useful to help.
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  8. Surely I'm not the only one who read the first sentence like this haha

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  9. I slow down and give a thumbs up. If I get a thumbs up back then I keep going. I once helped a rider who had a slow speed lowslide at old pac. Even though he was ok and only hurt his pride he did appreciate someone helping lift his bike off the ground and check it out for damage.
    You can usually tell of a rider is pulled over for a toilet or a phone break or if he is broken down or had an off.
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  10. I broke down on my BSA once and watched 20+ bikes go by without even glancing at me, I was sitting on the ground looking pretty sorry for myself.
    Eventually a woman in a Corolla pulled over and let me use her phone and also gave me a bottle of water.
  11. A 20:1 ratio doesn't really inspire confidence, does it. I can imagine you were feeling fairly lowly by the time someone stopped. I generally stop if I see another motorist appearing to have broken down or similar and no one else has already stopped.

    On my commute I regularly see about five other motorcyclists and about half of them nod or wave. I'm not sure if that equates to the likelihood they'd stop to see if I was OK.
  12. That's pretty sad, I expect that other riders should stop. I will even if I am in the Cage for riders. Not so much for drivers.
  13. +1 for the thumbs up. I tend to slow right down if it's safe, until I've had a positive reply.

    Otherwise, I'll pull over get off the bike, walk over to check. Usually it's all OK.
    A couple of times I've come across an accident scene and leave when other riders/drivers already on the scene tell me the situation is under control.

    I'm sure, one day I'll catch a rider simply answering the call of nature, but you can't make an omelette etc...

  14. Blimey Mick......... you really should set your bucket list aspirations just a tad higher ;)
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  15. "When do you pull over?"
    Pretty much as soon as I notice the red and blue lights flashing in my mirror!! :LOL:
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  16. Hahaha.

    Just after you think for 2 seconds, did he get my plate, or do I play dumb and keep filtering away?
  17. I was singled out by the Highway Patrol from a stream of traffic turning left at a no left turn: "You were the only one 'cause I could recognised your L plate."
  18. I pulled over yesterday with a bee in my jacket, cheers to the bloke on the Tiger XCX who pulled over thinking I was out of fuel. (Nice bike too)
  19. I've pulled over twice in the last 12 months for another motorcyclist.

    Once when the bloke in front of me got hit whilst filtering, he was hurt, but alive, so while others attended to him, I got his bike upright and off the road.

    The second was a bloke waiting with a tow truck, while it loaded his bike after a breakdown. I just asked if he needed a lift incase the towy wasn't going to give him a ride etc.

    The one time I broke down was up near Yea. Probably about 4-5 bikes went past, not one stopped... One bloke in a car did though.

    But, yeah. I usually stop if I see them early enough and it's safe for me to pull over. What's the harm in stopping for 5 minutes to check?
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