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When do you officially know?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by squirrelgadget, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. When do you know if you are actually boyfriend and girlfriend? is there a specific amount of time that has to pass? do you have to shag first? does the guy have to ask you out? do you have to post it on facebook?

    if your shagging someone then they shag someone else, is it cheating if you haven't established your "status"?

    when do you actually know?
  2. You're 28 and you don't know?
    You'll never know then
  3. sometimes it's not always that cut and dry.

    I have been asked this question by a few of my friends? it seems that guy/girls aren't always that clear on their intentions.

    sometimes you can just shag someone for months and it doens't neccessarily mean your together.

    so from a guys perspective, when are you together?
  4. Not telling. :p
  5. in the good old days its used to be

    "will you go out with me"

    answer accordingly

    now it seems to be if someone accepts your relationship status change on facebook!!!!! :LOL:

    the new dating era
  6. Cyber dating era you mean eh:p
    When you're both not so bloody far away from each other I say mate (both pyshically & mentally). Sure it might sounds a bit far-fetched, but it sounds just right.
    My better half's in Japan & I'm in the "hole" err Adelaide, it's hard to keep the ship floating at times... :(
  7. My general rule of thumb is when you can fart in front of them 8-[ without apologising, :-k maybe even give it a grading outa 10 :dance: , or, go to loo, while still continuing having a conversation, with loo door open, and not feel embarrassed :shock: yes where strange :LOL:

    If your shagging someone else while your been with her a few months, she aint your girlfriend no more. And if she is, tell her your shagging someone else :bannanabutt: as a little cover your bases side project you been working on [-( and make sure the door doesnt bump you in cho ass on the way out it, as she throws the nearest heaviest throwable pot plant in your general vacinity :nail:
    Next, remove blood type emergency card from wallet and walk to the nearest medical facility for stitches to mend damage inflicted from said blunt object.

    :eek:hno: My last girlfriend was a total fargin psycho, used to holes in plaster walls
  8. I can't comment, at least to help.

    My first girlfriend at 17 (she was 15) later became my fiancee and then my wife, and she still is.....
  9. Ask him;

    "So we're pretty much a couple now, I guess?"

    His answer will clear this issue up for you better than all the advice that is and ever will be in this thread.

  10. Pfffft! Women never ask direct questions, thy have "talks". These talks are designed to skirt carefully around a subject (with the woman never admitting to a mistake or showing their own feelngs on a subject), until you make a tactical error or admit to having an opinion that she does not like. Then you will have strips torn off you for not being "honest" all this time, even though teh subject has never come up!
    These talks will often reintroduce arguments from up to 50 years ago, and will make that topic feel like it just happened yesterday

    Oops, rant.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. - It's when he puts an "A" in front of your name so you're the first person on his mobile phone.

    - It's when you leave a toothbrush at his place to keep.

    - It's when you start paying for your own drinks at the bar. :p
  12. When you had dinner with the parents!
  13. You are currently engaged in the 'dating game.'

    The winner of the dating game is the person who holds out for long enough and acts slightly ambiguously enough that the OTHER person decides to step in and say "so what are we doing here, are we going out? Is this an exclusive thing?"

    Never be the person that says that. You will have lost the dating game, and you'll be relegated to second fiddle for the duration of the relationship.
  14. Meh - I'm old-fashioned enough to think that if you sleep with someone without having a relationship in place you've already lost.
  15. The guy doesn’t say, the girl sets it all out.

    As far as a majority of guys are concerned, even if it becomes multully exclusive to each other, if/when something [different] comes along then it’s still ‘OK to see other people’ .

    Sure I don’t want to generalise, but when you’re not sure about somethnig (like this) its always best to accept the general reality what normally happens with people in this situation instead of hoping for (the best) situtation for you.
    In the end, a relation
    ship is between two people & at most you’ll only have a 50% say in it.

    So being the girl/lady, you have to be clear.
  16. If you are asking "are we?" you probably aren't. Some things are just known at a certain point.
  17. I was involved with someone a ways back and had been seeing them a while, met some of her friends, was considered by them to be involved with her, spoke to her daily, called her babe, spent most weekends or part of most weekends together plus catching up at least once during the week... but she absolutely floored me during a minor falling out by stating that I STILL had a weasel option to date other girls because I hadn't actually officially asked to her to be my girlfriend... :roll:

    So frankly, I'm not surprised the OP is asking the question!

    It's a mars and venus thing.

    Hornet, you old romantic you!
  18. oh shit, i have a tooth brush at her place...how the fcuk did she slip that one by me...stupid colgate and there twin-packs...

    lol loz you beat me to the C&H again. was looking for that one
  19. I know!

    You make one sound economic decision and *BAM!* you're involved.