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When do you let your kids come surf in the big waves ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Yeah, I've always had the kids in the surf. They love it.
    Till the start of summer the kids were fine with boogie boards and small waves.
    My youngest girl has got the surfing bug bad. Started last spring when she took surfing as a school sport. And by December was getting pretty good at it.
    She is only small and weighs 46kg. But has the heart of a lioness.
    Because she is small and light she cant duck dive the board she has. So I tow her out with my leg rope. And @ fifty it kills ha ha. Fifty and still smokes. cough cough.
    So unbeknownst to her I got her a small light board. Sitting here waiting for tomorrow arvo to go out.
    I just got back in and it is a solid meter. Two meter faces on the sets. Nice :)
    I had her out in this sort of stuff two weekends ago. I was a bit nervous about her coming out then. But she laughed at me. I was a bit like ok kid. You paddle out then. I know she would have died trying. But I towed her out.
    It's hard. I'm different when their on bikes. I don't really worry at all.
    But out in the sirf with the little one. Grrr I am a nervous wreck ha ha.
    It's meant to get bigger tomorrow. some saying a good two meters.
    I know she is going to want to go out. I am going out ha ha. Shheeessus.
    She was born under water. I had her in the pool the first day she came home from hospital. Her other sports are Gymnastics and water polo. So she can swim.......but my guts are in knots and will be worse if she comes out in a decent sized swell.

  2. If she plays water polo then she's already a good strong swimmer. If she's been going out most days she will have her surf fitness.

    A light girl on a light board in a big swell with decent onshore winds (standard program in sydney) could pose a problem. If she hasn't really paddled herself out yet would you make it pulling her in those conditions? Certainly would be best if you could find a point or bommie close by that would allow an easy paddle around the break rather than a standard beach break. If she hasn't paddled out herself in close to similar conditions I would be hesitant, a light board being pushed by 46 kg of pure strength will never make it past the break. Will she be able to paddle back out under her own steam after a wave? Maybe around the groyne would be easier for her? Use that as her launching spot.

    As for the purely surfing side, I assume by now she understands how wind will affect a wave, how choppy it will be with a decent onshore and how that will affect a light board? I would have absolutely no worries about her being dumped in a big swell. In my experience the bigger the swell the less likely you are to hit ground, unless it sucks so much it breaks on dry land. You just go round and round and round and round instead, it's just sucking too hard to let you go deep. Never hit bottom. The drop sure is scary though.

    Ultimately if it's too big and too messy to the point where it's straight unrideable and properly dangerous, she'll want to go back in minutes after getting out. At that point it just becomes plain scary. But that's typically around 8-9 feet fierce onshore, really fat and ugly.

    What's the sweep like at noosa under big conditions?
  3. how did she go?
  4. Sometimes its good to get a scare,get cought inside the impact zone in big white water,not for me these days.To me if she cannot paddle out on her own its to big.I was eating lunch at South Curly yesterday and it was very messy.I am happy I dont have kids to make these calls.
  5. If she cant paddle out and gets caught inside after a wave, how does she get back out again?
    How will she handle getting a big set on top of her head?
    Her size doesnt matter, her fitness does.
    If she's fit let her go, she'll sit out the back and decide which ones are too big for her.
  6. We went out at 1st Point in Noosa. It was so crowded it was a joke. TeeTree was even worse for a crowd. She did OK.
    She cant really duck dive the new board yet either. But she can sort of. She can get the nose down so at least she is not loosing too much ground.
    The little turd paddled inside of me and took of on a big one. Bout a two meter face. She made the take off but dug a rail trying to roundhouse, and went over the falls. She got hammered and was in the impact zone. I panicked of course and caught a wave (dropped in) and bailed near her.
    She was fine. hurt but laughing. I towed her out and she didn't catch a wave for a while. Never complained or sooked. She had a fairly good graze down her leg too.
    The sweep is really strong on the points. More so than the surf break out front of my house.
    You need to be constantly paddling on the points. The crowds just make it a joke. The fights ha ha.
    Out front is about two meters and clean. She has gone home so I can relax and just enjoy the sarvo. God my arms are so sore from paddling.
  7. What's the crowd like over at sunrise/sunshine beach?
  8. Not bad. Compared to the points.
    Very little wind so it's nice on the open beaches. But a tough paddle out. I live on first bay @ Coolum. Got a nice rip along the rocks and paddle over to point Perry. Good wave. A bit full, but a nice long right. Long paddle to get out though as you are surfing into a cliff
  9. the old 100m ride up the point? Life must be hard for you.