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When do you filter?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dcart3r, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. All the time, no matter what the traffic is like or what road I'm on.

  2. Only when I'm familiar with the road/intersection or in light traffic.

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  3. I don't filter, it's illegal! (Or I'm still a newb).

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  1. Had my first filter this morning (where Epsom Rd meets Botany Rd in Beaconsfield) and it got me thinking about what conditions people filter under. For me, it was on a road I'm familiar with, at an intersection I know and in relatively light traffic and good weather. As I gain confidence, I'm sure I'll be filtering through all types of traffic on all types of roads, but for now, this type of situation is a start.

    So under what conditions do you filter?
  2. When I can't be arsed sitting in the queue.

    I think your Poll needs work mate... :LOL:

    EDIT: That's better :)
  3. all the time, on roads i know and the ones i don't know, i apply the same rules as overtaking, if i consider it safe i will do so. :cool:
  4. Only filter when I have to. But before commencing do the required headchecks.
  5. dcart3r that is a good way to start. When you are getting used to something new, you minimise the number of veriables you have to deal with until you are comfortable.
  6. how about a 'when I feel like it' option?
  7. When there's room.
  8. Haven't done it yet. Still learning (too much of a wuss). Is it illegal? I didn't think it was.
  9. check in the law and Politics forum, there is a thread that has links to splitting and filtering threads all over teh place.
    Is it ilegal? In Vic it is not explicitly ilegal, but it is very hard to do legaly. You will have to draw your own judgment on how to deal with it.
  10. the first option was the "closest" to what i do, within reason though and using common sense of course. :)
  11. Whenever the Blue Whale will fit :twisted: .
  12. When do I filter? Well, whenever there is a slow moving or stationary line of traffic and there is room for me i will do so.
  13. Only when what I'm going through is at a dead stop, like I will jump to the front of a red light. That way you can't get merged on, Ive found as long when the traffic is moving at all you really gain diddly squat in the way of time saved by skipping up the middle then. Depends how 'brave' you want to get with it though I guess...
  14. whenever possible. lol jk
  15. Everywhere. All the time. I wait for no one.

    If I'm half way to the front and the lights go green, I make an effort to get to the front.
  16. all the time on any road i am riding on, i dont like to be in the middle of traffic so i get through to a decent gap as quickly as i possibly can.

    although saying that i dont force gaps like i used to and i split at the speeds i used to but i still get through
  17. I filter at every opportunity, but because I have a wide bike, I will sometime hang back - Dont want to get stuck between cars/trucks etc.

    It is also very useful to keep an eye on your mirrors, as if I see a narrow bike come up behind me, I will pull in to let him/her past, no point in us both being stopped.

    Oh, and your elbow is good for 'accidentally' kmocking mirrors on cars that just wont make room, even when you can see them looking in the mirror as you get closer.
  18. I split when traffic on the Monash Freeway falls below 60k (i.e. most of the time!) . Above 60k, on a GPX 250 I don't have the acceleration response nor the braking capability to put the bike where I want to in the event of trouble.

    I don't split when there is a big relative speed difference between the lanes. If one lane is slow and the adjoining lane is still whizzing by I will wait until it balances up.

    I don't always split on other roads, depends on whether there is any real advantage and sometimes I am happy just to go with the flow.

    EDIT: oops sorry, i though this was about splitting, but its about filtering. I guess you could call lane splitting on the Monash a really big filter.
  19. +1 to that, and very good advice for any newbie learning to split.....
  20. I filter all the time when the cars are stopped, but once it starts moving, I find a spot and slip in.

    Worst thing about filtering is when you come upon a cop car in the line and I just stop as soon as I see it and don't go past it until it turns off.

    Best thing about filtering a bike is the acceleration and when you can get to the front of the queue, you can give it a twist.