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When do you cross the line by parking on the footpath?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ashes, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. I saw an interesting site in the city today that made me think...

    The site I saw was a large Kwaka three wheeler parked on the footpath. The footpath was very wide and it was in a position that wouldn't get in anyones way but in looking at the trike it would have been as wide a small car (eg. Hyundai excel) at the back and probably just as long. If a Hyundai had been parked there I'm sure it would have had a ticket or two or would have been towed.

    We pretty much taking parking on the footpath in Melbourne for granted and as such we should respect the privilege. When do we think we cross the line from fairly parking on the footpath to taking unfair advantage?
  2. i didn't realise trikes were allowed too.... i thought they were classed similair to a car, and thats why you don't hve to wear a helmet.... not sure if thats true or not, so don't qoute me on that
  3. I didnt even know bikes could park on footpaths in Melb.
    If thats the case, good on them for their progressive attitude towards parking/traffic problems.
    In a particular council near where i live you arent even allowed to park a bike in a car parking space!
    Mind you, its no suprise, Perth is usually a few years behind the rest of the country :D
  4. where the hell do you park you bike then :shock: :? if you can't park on the footpaths/carparking spots
  5. Tell me about it :!: :!: :!:
    I had a ranger produce an excerpt of the council by-laws and it did actually specifically exclude motorbikes from parking in any bays other than specific m/c bays, of which there are only 2 in the entire council (and this is a big inner city council).
  6. I'm fairly certain they are classed as motorcycles and therefore require helmets and bike licence. I can't remember where my info comes from though so I might be wrong. I'll see what I can turn up and get back with a real answer. :)
  7. There we go. I must be more efficient than I suspected today. :D
  8. As I remember, there was a time (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when trikes were registered tractors as there was no other category for them. I think they were limited to 35 mph. To register them as cars, you had meet impossible ADRs.

    I've checked and I can legally park my sidecar on the footpath.
  9. When i was in ballarat the other day i thought i had better check with the parking xxxx guy and his responce was as long as you dont block the footpath its ok so common sence is involved on both sides. Parking a trike on the footpath mmmmm weres the sense in that
  10. I was in Beechworth a couple of weekends ago with a group of ten Ducatis. We parked on the footpath in an unobstructive way. A chap from Albury informed us that he had been warned off by a parking officer. It was against their local by-laws. So, he had parked his bike in a parking bay. Luckily for us there wasn't a parking officer that Sunday.
  11. Should think so, given that the Ballarat parking cop usually parks his bike on the footpath. Of course Ballarat also has a few designated motorcycle bays - most of which are completely unuseable (45 degree angle parks pointing down very steep hills)
  12. Parking on the footpath in NSW is not allowed. You can have a barrow selling fruit blocking 3/4 of the footpath, you can have a march in the whole street for land rights for gay black whales, but you musn't park on the footpath.....
  13. Did they also have regular signs specifically stating that bikes cannot park in that designated area? Even when Melbourne CC was trying to force bikes off the footpath, the Vicroads regulations required them to "designate" the area of exclusion with signs no more than (I think) 20-odd metres apart.
    These signs still exist in a couple of localities.
    Ignorance of the law may be no excuse, but local bylaws cannot overrule state laws without due warning, if I remember correctly.
  14. That was one of the annoying things about touring around Tassie ,not being able to park on the footpath . We forget how good we have some things here.
  15. They can pass all the local by-laws they like - unless they have a sign you can park there as long as you are within the guidelines.

    The VicRoads regulations over rule the council. If they don't want motorcycles to park there they have to have a sign.

  16. I think trikes are registered as cars, aren't they? (in Vic at least)
    I reckon you'd be lucky to get away with that, but good luck to him if he did.