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when dirt road turns to sh1t road

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by theiceman, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. G'day lads. A while ago I was riding on a fairly good bit of dirt road at a low speed when I came over a slight crest and the road turned to crap. Because the road dropped sharply I couldn't stand on the brake to wipe off a lot speed but thought I was ok to tip toe my way thru. Unfortunately I finished up on my freckle.

    My question to the experienced and inexperienced alike is should I have slowed down or fanged it? I hope to present intelligent arguments to court, so a limit on bs would be appreciated

  2. at the farm when i come accross bits and pieces like that, i lift off the pegs and lean back a bit. Then try and pick the best route whilst gently applying the rear brake. Of course being ready to release it, if it seems to be going wrong. This also gives you the added benefit of being able to bail of the back if needed.

    How fast were you going?
  3. Thanks for your input Thera. I reckon I was doing 15kmh max. Some of the so called gun riders reckon they tuck their knees into the tank as hard as possible, lift their bum off the seat a bit and HIT the throttle.
  4. Depends on the bike. If an upright naked - yes possible and also lean back

    But if on anything where you're leaning forward, you are going to have a bit of weight over that front wheel, and any type of pothole, washout and could be trouble if you turn the bars too quickly

    Thera's advice good on back brake :cool:

    So what are you riding??
  5. Kwakka KLR 650

  6. You should be giving the lessons :p

    Sorry, just saw we're in Adventure...so stand upright, get some risers if you have to to get comfortable, and if first gear is needed often then maybe look at a lower front sprocket till you get your confidence up

    Great bikes BTW - very good "dual sport"
  7. I like the bike but hate the wind buffeting.

    The reason for the post is that I got booked for neg driving when I came off. I know there's nothing I would do differently, but I'm interested in the thoughts of better riders than me, which I concede might include a budgie learning to ride on the high wire
  8. What a f$%&'d up system that is! Someone comes off, possibly injured, certainly hurting financially, and the cops and the government are only interested in squeezing a few more drops off blood out of the poor b#stard. :evil:
    So if someones comes down because of any external factor, the authorities are onto you like a pack of pack of crows on roadkill?
    That is seriously f@#$ed up sh!t! How do you guys up there put up with that?

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. The best I can add is, don't worry about your speed, concentrate on picking the best line and let the speed take care of itself.
  9. What year model?? I had the 04 and took the clear screen off, so just had the coloured bikini shroud - reduced the buffetting, but looked average.....
  10. Thanks titus, I agree but I've already had my biatch on this site so I won't bore people to tears. Suffice to say I can't believe we bent over and let these laws slide thru. I seriously think charge will disappear when we actually get to court and put mr plod on the stand.
  11. Yeah mines the '04 and I tried the same thing, but wasn't convinced there was much difference. The good thing about the KLR is they're butt ugly anyway so why not? Even the few scratches I put on it make it look a bit HTFU
  12. Seriously?
    If the road really is crap I'd take it to court with some pictures of the road.
  13. I'm definitely taking it to court. I think I've got em nailed but was also going to present some other options to what I did (see op) which was slow down and try to tip toe my way through. A few blokes reckon when they're caught a bit unawares like this they pin the ears back and twist the throttle
  14. When in the dirt and it gets worse and there is no chance of stopping in time, slowing down loads up the front wich doesnt have any momentum other thant the push of the rear, Push your weight back lift your arse, pick up some speed, light as you can on the bars and let the front move if it wants, just lightly hold it straight and away you go....slowing down makes it worse.

    Just in my experience, just got back from the big desert last weekend, sand it like this all the time, the slower you attack, the more your on your ass.

    Im on KLR too.

    When the road dissapears, Flog it , Yeeeeeehaw
  15. Thanks Stookie.. Thats exactly what some others have said and the type of evidence I want to present. Not that all judges would regard an anonymous 'Stookie' as a star witness :grin:

    By the way are you fkn mad riding KLR in desert or do you have a certain talent I don't ... the ability to stay upright?? :wink:
  16. DSC_0050.

    I also Like water crossings,


    The snow is also Fun.


    And the Wife rides it all with me.....so I guess you she is either Mad too, which helps or just plane insane , like me :wink:
  17. Ok I admit it, you've re-inspired me. I was thinking of getting a cruiser but maybe I should get a set of HTFU's and get back into some dirt. I'm originally from Vic. your photos reminded me of how cold it gets down there. Had a look at ya link as well. XLNT
  18. A CRUISER !


    You got no idea what your bike is capable of, a cruiser is capable of A-B on a straight road with no decent corners.

    A KLR is capable of almost everything except vertical.

    I had a cruiser, then a naked, then a VFR, then an R6. Ive had all types and the KLR is the best fun I have ever had on 2 wheels.

    HTFU and get out there and get stuck in.

    Or get a cruiser and a brochure for a retirement village.

    Get some decent rubber on. Pirrelli MT21 $250 a set fitted.

    Dont look back and get out there.
    Get yourself down the Barry way......You got so many options up there.

    Good luck :grin:
  19. STFU stookie ya scottish poof :biker:
  20. That's Gold :LOL:

    Where's the Best Netrider Quotes thread :cool: