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VIC When did rego cost the same as cars?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by random101, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. i always thought you payed rego according to the size of your engine?

    what happened to that? i cant find anything about it anywhere

    maybe it was a dream..
  2. Exactly what im thinking? I just got a bill for mine, $550, wtf?
  3. My bike rego is more than my car!
  4. I've just hit what I call "rego season" and my car is still the most, but not by a whole lot.
  5. So far in the past 4 weeks I have paid;
    1 X car comp ins
    1 X bike reg over 500cc
    1 X bike reg under 500cc
    1 X bike 3rd party ins
    1 X bike full comp

    Can someone pass the hat around please :(
  6. wo woo

    so there is an under 500cc?

    how much is it?

    i cant see it on vic roads anywhere
  7. I can understand paying registration costs for each vehicle. That's pretty cheap actually.

    I can't understand paying TAC insurance costs for each vehicle owned by the same driver. It's a rort. If I own 4 vehicles, why should I have to pay insurance for myself 4 times over if I can only drive 1 vehicle at a time.
  8. Good point point but technically someone else could be driving the other vehicles whilst you are not.
  9. the vic roads site really wants to make me hurt myself.. it is useless..

    can anyone tell me how much rego for a bike under 450cc is these days?
  10. Have you tried to drive all 4 at once? Why not? Where's your sense of adventure? :grin:
  11. the Brits make it work, so why can't we? Technically I could be walking around on the moon right now, but since no-one will give me the keys....
  12. You'll find it on the TAC site.
  13. ive been looking everywhere for that!
  14. The TAC charge for over 500cc for Brunswick is $452 (the Beemer is up for rego this week). edit: with duty $497

    Out of curiosity I went to the RTA site in NSW, put in the details (except for the postcode - I used a postcode about the same distance out).

    Cheapest available there was well over $500. Now bearing in mind the Victorian one for the BMW includes the $56 levy (as a second bike, the Suzuki doesn't have the levy) then we are not as badly off down here as we'd think.

    If I'd opted for the options some of them offered which bring it closer to the no fault benefits we get from the TAC then it would have been way over $600.
  15. *edit - misread*

    Remember that in NSW you still need to get your bike/car roadworthied each year which costs money, so it's probably dearer up there.

    We're all still being charged an exhorbitant amount. My rego came in yesterday and it's $540!!

  16. I haven't looked at the rego costs - the ones I quoted were purely TAC (+levy) vs NSW Green Slip prices. The actual rego is stuff all - it's the TAC & Greenslips that cost.
  17. it's completely different in England. Each vehicle has to have registration but it's just a stamp - you get absolutely nothing for it apart from a bit of paper to stick on the windscreen. There's no TAC and no CTP. Private vehicle insurance is compulsory and injury treatment is free on the NHS.

    bits of the Oz system are better, and bits of the UK system are better. For example, no teenager could ever affort to insure a V8 in england (or more topically an S2000). Even if they had the cash the insurance companies would laugh in their faces - one of the reasons why there are a LOT more bikes in england compared to Oz
  18. let me spell it out for you then - the Brits have a concept about vehicle registration that reflects the idea that some people own more than one bike and can't ride more than one at a time.

    from dvla.gov.uk you will need CTP (+TPP) insurance

    and insurance companies offer systems where you cover the highest risk vehicle in your private fleet, and all others then have the same insurance as long as two are not in use simultaneously. Each vehicle must be taxed, but (like our registration) this is the small bit. Alternately, you can get discounts on multiple CTP components of your registration.

    Now try that on here!

    Insuring Multiple Bikes
    Only a small number of the UK’s insurers cater for Multi-Bike insurance – and we are one of them. We search through a variety of companies and schemes looking for Multi Bike Cover for up to 4 different bikes under one policy, and bringing rates to you for, same cover policies and varied cover multi bike schemes. The more bikes you bring the greater the discounts, whether insured under a multi bike scheme or, several different policies with us as a broker, our offers remain the same.

    Edit: And a final one:
    2 Vehicles, 2 drivers = No advantage
    3 Vehicles, 3 drivers = No advantage
    3+ Vehicles, 2 drivers = Good
    5+ Vehicles, 3 drivers = Good
    5+ Vehicles, 2 drivers = Very good
    7+ Vehicles, 3 drivers = Very Good
    7+ Vehicles, 2 drivers = Great
    10+ Vehicles, 3 drivers = Great
    10 Vehicles, 1 Driver = Outstanding!

    The advantage for insurers is that they get a more complete picture of you as an insurance risk. If you are 2 drivers with 5 vehicles the multi-vehicle insurer will usually charge much less than usual for vehicles 3/4/5 because they know that usage will be minimal – try persuading a traditional insurer to accept that argument!
  19. ummmm. no?

    not that I ever came across in 40 years of living in England and owning multiple vehicles

    vehicle rego is a fixed price per car, irrespective of how many cars you own. It used to be a fixed price regardelss of the model of car but is now likend to CO2 emissions, with some small cars being exempt and gas guzzlers being screwed. From memory I was payinf about 150GBP to register a mondeo two years ago

    compulsory third party insurance is a minimum requirement but is not supplied by government bodies as CTP is over here. You have to purchase it from a commercial company who rate your risk just as they do here. Hence my comments about teenagers and high powered cars

    vehicle insurance in england is VERY VERY VERY expensive. as a 40yo with full NCB i was paying 400-500GBP for full comp on a Mondeo.

    I've nver ever found any insurance company that offers anything other than the 'do you drive more than one car' question in their policy. I vaguely remember multi-vehicle policies like you suggest might have been around many years ago, but AFAIK they are long gone now

    EDIT - just seen the last para above - good find. News to me.
  20. Except that nsw isn't provided by a gov't body but private companies and so is exactly the same as the UK system, except that the australian model doesn't provide any relief for CTP policies on multiple vehicles - even under the gov't body system like SA and Vic it is a fixed TAC cost per vehicle regardless of how many you own.

    One less reason for people to own a car for weekend trips and a small scooter for commuting.