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When did I take my Ls?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gobbledegeek, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. OK I'm not expecting anyone to guess outright, I am going to give you some help.....

    1. My Skills Test Assessment Sheet is dated 01/02/07
    2. My Learner Permit expires 19/04/08

    Does this mean that I took my test 01/02/07 and that I can take my Ps on 01/05/07 or can I take my Ps test on 19/04/07, according to VicRoads? :?

    Just to add to the confusion, I know that I took my test on 04/02/07 as stated in the following post:


    Do VicRoads assume I passed my Ls on the 19th Jan?

  2. Dunno, figure out when your Ls are dated.

    * have held a current motorcycle learner permit continuously for at least 3 months in the period immediately prior to applying for a motorcycle licence.
  3. i think in vic the l's are for 15 months
  4. Damn 15months!! :eek: Wish NSW had it like that!! :evil: 6 months for us ....
  5. Nope, 18. Otherwise I was riding unlicensed for 3 months :p
  6. It's def fifteen months as per the Learners course.

    That's what we were told, in September.

    Generally, you should book your P's around the same time as you booked your L's, just incase you can't get a date before your L's expire!
  7. you can renew it once! but you can go for your licence after 3 months so why wait