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When can you get your Ls in Victoria??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by es, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Last I heard the law had been changed and you couldnt get L plates in victoria till you were over the age of 18.
    I went to vic roads yesterday and they told me 17 and 10 months. The website says 18 years! So which is it????

  2. Thanks to Bracks 18
  3. A motorcycle licence will be issued provided:

    * You are 18 years of age and hold a current motorcycle learner permit for a minimum period of three months
    * You are a Victorian resident
    * You present the required proof of identity
    * You are not currently suspended, disqualified or refused in Australia or overseas
    * You have passed all the appropriate tests
    * You have paid the appropriate fees.

    Minimum Time a Motor Cycle Permit Must Be Held

    Motorcycle licence applicants must hold an Australian or overseas motorcycle learner permit for a minimum of three (3) months in the period immediately before applying for the licence.
  4. I'd go with what is in print on the website.....probably more throughly checked they what some nameless person on the other end of the phone says.
  5. Fact: In order to bring motorcyclists into line with cage drivers who cannot be licenced to drive alone until 18 years of age the age for obtaining a motorcycle Learners permit was upped to 18 some 12mths ago! As mouth so eloquently put it you must hold said permit for a minimum of 3 mths & a maximum of 15mths when you have to either go for your P's or resit your L's. I'm told the P's test is easier than the L's test.

    p.s. while on a restricted licence e.g. L's or first 12 mths of P's you can only accumulate 5 demerit points unlike the 12 cage drivers have & as both permits have the same licence number if you lose one you lose both therefore you become a pedestrian!
  6. 18yrs of age mate,