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When behind the cars on a freeway...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cash, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Just thought I post something here of something happen to me this morning..

    Was cruising alone Eastern freeway on my way to work.. following a car on the right lane (transit lane) He was like doing 100km/h.. That's fine.. I follow behind as I am not in a hurry .. all the other lanes are busy anyway...

    Not sure if he reliased I was 2 car length behind .. after about a couple of minutes of following him.. the next thing you know.. He activate his wiper and washer and trying to clean his windscreen.. I know he has all the right to do so .. but WTF, guess what ....my visor was covered with those spills from his windscreen washers.. and can hardly see anything.. damn.. I quickly use my left hand and wipe off my visor and manage to restore my full visibility..

    I then raise my hand and show sign of frustration.. I think he sort of got the message and indicate to move to the next lane and let me pass.. anyway... Nobody is at fault .. but people should be more considerate. just imaging if he threw a ciggi butt or something which can potentially fly into my jacket etc...

    So.. for newbies like me.. get ready to react to anything which could happen on the road ...
  2. Hey, on the freeway it happens to all vehicles.
    When you're going at over 80, if you use your wiper, the water usually goes on the next vehicle behind you.

    Happens to me on my car, but it's more annoying on a bike....
  3. Heh! I do that all the time to tailgaters, drives em nuts!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Yes something to be aware of, it also happened to me this morning though I was right behind a car so I passed and shaked my head around to show him thanks for the shower prick! and fanged it.
  5. That among many other reasons that i overtake cars, trucks buses or whatever on pretty much any road.

    Another is i don't want rocks or sand or dirt

    A)hitting me

    8)hitting the bike and chipping the paint.
  6. Yeah, I've had similar.

    I've also seen dozens of ciggies out the window, a soft-drink bottle and a styro coffee cup from a tradies' ute once.

    People are inherantly stupid and selfish creatures.
  7. This is something I normally leave till I have a know'n NR rider behind me on the odd occasion im in the car :LOL: :twisted:

    But this type of thing goes in what I like to call the *Shite happens basket*

  8. Yes I am the same I try not to stay behind trucks too long at all, better to speed up and pass or slow right down and get a few cars in front of yah if you can.
  9. Hi cash,
    yep that is one of the conns on a bike!
    Not much you can do at all!

    I sometimes think it would help them see but its unlikely that the cager can see you when you need him to!

  10. There's worse things than a bit of washer fluid - (never ride behind a livestock truck :shock: :LOL:).
  11. Let's just consider that "behind" and "sportsbike" dont' mix well :grin:
  12. I had this happen to me in Bell St the other week.
    The guy soon knew all about it, and so did all the surrounding traffic when we pulled up at the next set of lights.
    The riders I was with thought I was going to strangle him.
  13. This is just one of the MANY irritating things that happen on the road, usually caused by cagers, that we can't help.
  14. Pigs are the worst! (don't ask me how I know :roll: )
  15. i've had it happen a number of times.

    you'd think they-the vehicle in front- would be considerate...but, they're in their own little world in there.

    i give 'em a wtf or a good blast of the horn, depending on my mood and how wet they make me;P
  16. Yeah Grunge.. really sh1ts me when I've just give the car a good wash and cop the sh1t.. hahaha.. :LOL:
  17. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter Sonja.

    Love your thinking, and i couldnt agree more. In fact my mates are all well aware of my philosophy on life that 99% of people are stupid and selfish.
  18. Just a question though... just cos we all ride motorbikes does this mean we are "perfect cagers".

    So when you claim that 99% of all people are...

    then some of it must come back to yourself.
  19. THis is why ALL car drivers should at some stage be made to ride motorcycles. I am new to the whole thing (hell, I have only been out in real traffic twice on a bike), and I must admit before taking up riding and reading all the stuff on here, I would not even have thought about the effect that my washing my windscreen would happen to have on anybody who may be behind me.

    I don't think I'm generally selfish.... Stupid? Probably have to admit to that one :)

    I (most of the time) try to be as curteous as I can to other people on the road when I'm in my car, but I just wouldn't have thought of this one I'm afraid......
  20. yes i have to aggree with u
    this morning up the south easten filtering practice freeway :)
    was at least 2kms in front away and it stunk to high heaven
    geeez i got past it quick
    back on the topic
    anything coming from a cage on the road, water ciggy butt, coke can, cup
    macca's wrapper
    etc etc is dangerous you just got to be ready for it