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When are you most likely to speed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LPCIII, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. When I'm on the bike

  2. When I'm in the cage

  3. I only every ride on 2 wheels

  4. I only drive a cage... so why then are you on this forum?

  1. Ok, well I just always find myself sitting about 10k's over on the bike and then when I get in the cage I always find myself just sitting under the limit. I just thought that it would of been the other way around cos there is a much greater feeling of speed on the bike.

    Anyway so I was just wondering how this sort of thing fairs with everyone else.

    P.S. Yes I know that we are all great law abiding citizens, but let's just say hypathetically. :)

  2. Most times I'm on the bike I'll be about about 5-10 over (if practical), and I have quick bursts to get me out of blind spots quite frequently. When I'm riding with others I play more = focus less on keeping speed down, more on safety & skills. If I'm tired and there's no traffic about I'm right on the limit. But yeah - generally I like to get away from traffic.
  3. i only have a bike and bike license and when i do drive a car i tend to find 60 feels fast where as on my bike 60 feels like im going to fall over.

    i chose i only every ride on two wheels. i have no idea what it means but i dont have a car.
  4. I would rarely speed in my car when I had one but tend to speed a bit on the bike. Bikes are just made for it :)
  5. speed bike and car. its just me, i have the need for speed
  6. i think im addicted to it.
  7. "Sorry officer, but my physics textbook said that the rotational mass induced gyroscopic effect of the wheels increased with speed... so you see i was only trying to keep the bike upright."

    Bikes are made for speed... cars are just good for a back seat. :p

    Although, 80% of my speeding tickets have been in a car! :evil:

    edit: That second statement is in no way related to the first one.. my back seat driving is unrelated to my speeding tickets.
  8. I live my life a quarter mile at a time :wink:
  9. lol thats so corny cindy.

    besides QM on a bike, id have lived like 20 lives in a matter of moments lol.
  10. I love corn :LOL: LOL :grin:
  11. :popcorn: mmm corn.
  12. Only if its dripping in melted butter :p
  13. Probably just as I leave pit lane and the front wheel comes up
  14. Im usually 10km over the limit in the car i ussually stick to the limits!
    Anyway lets get back to CORN :popcorn: :p :LOL:
  15. Definately when I'm riding, mostly on the freeway in medium traffic, I'm constantly trying to get out of 'the bunch', and out of danger.
  16. When I'm trying to 'buy' myself some free air on the road, I'll do what I need to do to be where there's not metal all round me. Off the lights is the easiest; along the Maroondah, if you do it right, the people from the last set of lights can just be catching you up by the time you reach the next :LOL:
  17. Usually on the bike when I overtake someone in a smallish space and look down to discover I'm doing 120 in an 80... oops.
  18. Car has cruise control so generally safe there.

    on the bike... only time has been caatching up to other riders.....darn Blackbirds are fast jiggers!!
  19. If I have an upset stomach or hangover and it's in the middle of twisties, ages away from the nearest loo :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  20. i find that on the bike i feel as if i can speed more because of the braking power i feel its not as fast and that in the car i could hurt someone else whereas on the bike u can really only hurt yourself