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When are we going to get 90s replicas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. I am getting a nostalgic fetish for 90s bikes, the square headlights, the flat fairings. The modern bikes are just too angular and weird.

    So,in the 90s we saw the 70s replicas come out, the ZXR, the CB1 etc.

    Are we going to see the same for 90s style wih modern componentry or am I the only one after one?

    NB: the above just might be some rambling to show that I am getting old. In this case, **** off grandpa might be appropriate
  2. F*ck off Grandpa.


    Nah, I still ride a 90's bike & I expect there are still thousands out there, hence why no-one's making them. So wait another 10-15 years.
  3. Maybe you are right, its the suspension and brakes that need upgrading most.

    Hmmm I guess i could get an old 996 upgrade suspension and try to squeeze the 1198 motor in. I would do the 916 but i wouldnt wabt to wreck that bike, bad enough a 996
  4. Exactly right, suspension was the first thing I upgraded on my bike. Right after the exhausts of course.

    There were some pretty bloody horrible looking bikes in the 90's though, ISTR flouro green, orange, pink, purple, it's all pretty bad looking back.

    No accounting for taste though...
  5. I guess my opinion won't really count since the bike I'm about to
    Talk about is regarded as one of the most beautiful bikes ever built.. But up until recently, I couldn't stand the look of the 916. I always loved the newer shape sports bikes, then i noticed the 999 and it slowly started to grow on me. Some time after that i then started to see the 916 differently. It's a full blown love Affair now. I also have a soft spot for the vfr400 and zx6/7r'sfrom the mid 90s. Not really interested hopping on anything else after I get my unrestricted licence.
  6. '90s bikes are still late model bikes, so it will take a while.
  7. I'm all for it, love the 90s bikes. Time to crack out my Fast Bikes DVDs.
  8. There are still some low or moderate km bikes around on the used market for good prices. Buying one and fettling the suspension or anything else you need or want to is quite doable.

    Not quite the same as being able to buy one new, but then there are some new bikes on the market that have changed little since they came out then.
  9. weren't there ever, some notably filthy graphic'd gsxr's come to mind.

    on the other coin tho, rc30 or even the humble zx7 are timeless classics IMO.
  10. Here's one -

  11. RC30 is an 80s bike. So (by about 6 months) is the ZXR750.
  12. ah ur right on the rc30 - produced 1987-1990

    but i was referring to the zx7 - love the shape of them.
  13. I have a mate with an 888 Strada, in Ducati red and abso"bloody"lutely horn! The Strada not my mate..
  14. Triumph's Daytona 1200 in stunning yellow, and crap brakes

    Kwakasaki's brillant ZZR1100 in blue with black trim, no complaints there, and

    Yammies YZF750R, I loved that bike but the candycane colour scheme, it was like riding around on a Violet Crumble wrapper.
  15. They should bring out a host of bikes much like the VFR400, RVF400, CBR400, ZXR400, GSXR400......low seat height, light, great at turns, and just enough power to make it fun everyday.
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  16. I totally agree! The 90s shaped bikes look better to my eye than the newer ones.
  17. Mate It's what I love about my 2006 VTR1000f, they havnt really changed since 1997 which is when I first fell in love with them. I think it's aged well because of its rounded lines without to many angle's, & carbies, how awesome are carbies?!! :D
  18. im in the same boat, id love an late 80's early 90's fzr or cbr/vf1000r (with the twin round headlights) cause i love that look, those bike had purpose and were dead sexy, not for looks but function. i love the TRUE full faired look.

    but alas while they are cheap atm, so i could start a collection (i really want to, but no money or space atm) they are expensive to maintain (most things will need replacing) and parts are getting rare
  19. which ones you have? I would actually consider paying for copies.