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When are people going to learn...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, May 11, 2010.

  1. I'm sure as heck not going to get on a box and start telling people that they can't participate in a dangerous sport.

    "Rock fishing is just so stupid" sits at about the same level as people who say that "Motorcycling is stupid"

    Their life. Their choice, and anyone who demands that this choice be removed can go get f*cked with an auger, IMO.

  2. this coming from a so called rider......guess what riding a motorcycle is dangerous ](*,)
  3. I don't get you man, I really just do not get you at all. It seems the only thing on this planet that is not stupid to you is, well you.

    The moment you are given a life it can be taken from you or you could accidently lose it. Life is dangerous, not living it the way you choose is stupid, learn the f*cking difference.
  4. Um, excuse me, if you're going to quote me, do it properly. NOWHERE did I say that it should be banned!!!

    But I DID say it's stupid and I stand by that. A motorcyclist on a bike is substantially in control of his/her environment and can minimise risks by technique and choices. A fool standing on a rock platform not knowing when the next swell is going to wash them off and bash them to death against the rocks is not in conrol of ANY part of their environment, most of all the ocean.

    I repeat, NO fish is worth your life. End of story.
  5. I agree with the rest of the guys.
  6. You do realise that rock fisherman more than likely look at us riding motorcycles and say EXACTLY the same thing about us? You do realise that don't you? If not then think about it.

    But then they can't comprehend riding anymore than you can comprehend rock fishing.
  7. Tragic incident.
  8. *shakes head*
  9. Um, excuse me, if you're going to get uppity, then it may be best to point out where I claimed that you had said that. I had clicked your link and read various comments by people calling for the banning of rock fishing and I was referring to them. I put that statement in a separate paragraph to further attempt to avoid it being linked with the earlier statement. Thought that may have been obvious to the person who provided the link.

    I personally think you're showing your myopic prejudices on the world though by your statements, which are effectively equal to: "You're stupid for doing your dangerous thing, but I'm not stupid for doing my dangerous thing". This is exactly the divisive attitude which is all too pervasive in our current society that gives politicians the foothold to push through idiotic restrictions on people's freedoms, and many of your posts are full of such rhetoric. One can't help but think of that old classic "When they came for the Jews..." quote when reading your opening post.
  10. I have been rock fishing with an experienced rock fisherman that would beg to differ.

    Although I didnt catch any fish, it was quite exhilarating and exciting.

    So yes, people will seek out potentially risky activities if they enjoy them.

    And yes, this is a motorcycle forum.
  11. GUYS! FFS cut it out. Grow up.

    Motorbike forum - it's a dangerous sport.

    rock fishing can also be dangerous.

    Neither will ever be banned so stop flaming at eachother.
  12. It was a tragic incident.

    Even though I disagree, rc36 is entitled to his opinion.

    But for the record. An experienced rockfisherman once told me that there is no such thing as a 'freak wave'. If you keep your eye on the sea, there is always a pattern and you should always leave yourself an escape route.

    rc36, other than our own actions, exactly what part our environment are we, as motorcyclists in control of?
  13. Yes mum.
  14. Sorry mum :oops:
  15. ...he started it. :p
  16. Stop being naive:


    Make no mistake, big government wants to protect us for "our own good", and rock-fishing and motorcycling are kindred sports in that respect. They are both big middle-fingers to the cotton wool safety establishment, and I will certainly fight tooth and nail to allow people the freedom to choose to engage in whatever sport that they wish (that doesn't harm others).
  17. Good boy. Now go play nicely - here's $30 to buy icecream for you and all your friends.
  18. lol ive never heard fishing being refered to as "a big middle finger to the man"
  19. THIRTY BUX!!!!

    just how many friends do you think I have?