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When a rider needs help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by theiceman, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. G'day All,
    Read a post recently where a guy was disappointed that so many riders didn't stop to give him a hand when he'd come off his bike. This got me to wondering how hard it would be for us to give an indication to other riders that we need a hand.

    For example if we've broken down beside the road, could we put a glove over one of the rear vision mirrors to indicate we need a hand. (Piss poor example i know, but you get the gist). How about it?
  2. How about I slow and ask if you are OK? I,m a simple guy.
  3. When I took out a pedestrian a couple of years ago, 2 other riders who had been riding along the road at the same time as me, rode past whilst my bike was still lying in the road and neither of them stopped to help.

    It doesn't get any more obvious than that and they still cbf to help so I think you're pissing in the wind mate. There's helpful people and non helpful people out there. If they're helpful they would just stop and ask anyway.
  4. The "official" signal is to put your helmet on the ground next to
    the front wheel (on the right side). Possibly 1 in 100 bikers know this.

    The unofficial signal is to jump up and down and wave your arms
    about and yell HEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!

    Some people still will not stop for this.
  5. Personally I don't think it's that big of an issue. All comes down to the rider.
    Too many people ride nowadays to simply pose, so you can't expect much help from them.

    I was pulled over once, when my bike was making a weird noise, nothing major, still running fine, and a guy pulled up into the servo to see if everything was fine. Didn't have to. But was kind enough to see if things were right.
    :) Depends on the person I guess, whether there's a hand signal or not.
  6. Thanks Hotcam thats what I was looking for. I didn't know that signal but assumed there'd have to be something in place. I've gotta say any time I've pulled off the road a biker has stopped to check I was ok.
  7. I stop every time I see a bike in an unusual place looking like they're in trouble; I've never been able to really offer any assistance but still I like to make sure. But I do carry a pump and tubeless plugs so you never know, maybe one day...
  8. if I see a bike on the side of the road I always slow down and give a thumbs up.. If I get the same back I keep riding, if not I will stop and see if I can help :)
  9. It's the same old story with anything. People are always in a rush and not many want to stop. Just make sure you do your thing if YOU are the one riding by, and stop to help out.
  10. I drive quite regularly around Mt Nebo/Glorious with the kids in the back at weekends. I'll always stop to see if people are ok if a bike is stopped. Signal or not, it doesnt hurt to check people are ok and it helps spread the warm fuzzies that everyones looking after each other!

    Its no skin off my nose and if was *me* in the bushes, wrapped around a tree with my mates looking on scared shitless not knowing what to do I'd want people to stop and offer assistance if possible.

    Fortunately to date I've never encountered anyone who's needed assistance, but you never know when someone will need access to a phone, a bit a hand to lift a bike back onto the road, or a lift down the hill to grab a tubful of petrol.
  11. +1
  12. I sometimes stop sometimes don't
    Usually I am in the middle lane on the motorwa so I won't change accross a few lanes in peak hour.

    If I am on an outside lane and can see enough in time, I will usually roll in to the should ask if the need help - can only really offer a lift.

    If there has been a crash I will stop to see if I can help unless emergency crews are there already, or if there are already a few people trying to assist. Don't want to over crowd someone that's just come off.
  13. I don't know if there is any special signal, but about 18 months ago when i was on my L's and lightly dropped my bike on the reefton spur, my mate stopped but the next few bikes that passed slowed down and yelled out with a thumbs up whether I was ok or not, was nice thing to have stangers checking if u were ok being only new to bikes.

    I think slowing down and a tumbs up/down is a good idea, putting your helmet or glove in a certain position might not always be possible in the event of an accident... people tend to panic and forget basic things so some form of interaction would be better.