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When a resto takes too long...buy another bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Well at least that's what I've just done.

    Haven't had much time for bikes of late which is why my 750 Katana project has only been moving forward at a glacial pace of late, and why I've been absent from the forums for a while. Given that I bought an old bike because I wanted to do a restoration paying someone else to finish it off quickly isn't an option.

    So earlier in the year I started looking around for something else to add to the garage which would take little to no effort to get onto the road. Originally I had hoped to find a smaller 80's era bike in good condition but all I seemed to be able to find were those which had been bought by farmers decades earlier and were only for sale because they'd found them buried under a tarp or pile of hay in a shed and couldn't work out why they wouldn't start on the first try (even though they were running perfectly when they parked it there 20 years ago).

    So in desperation I started looking to more modern machinery, even though I still consider the styling of Japanese bikes to have peaked in the late 80's and to have been on a steady downhill slope ever since. Contemplated a Chinese made bike but with no dealers nearby this wasn't really an option. Even contemplated buying a cruiser since there always seemed to be plenty of those for sale, but I struggle with the idea of having to pay more in order to get worse handling (though by buying a Katana I have proved I can be shallow enough to pay more purely for looks).

    My preference was always for a naked bike for the simple reason that I hate the idea of having to remove large amounts of decorative plastic just to do something as common as an oil filter change. Then I discovered that this is not true of all faired bikes, and that there were past designs in which practicality was was seemingly of greater importance than trying to convince people they were buying a MotoGP bike with blinkers.

    So this is how I came to end up buying an '07 GPX250, the last of the "good" GPXs. It's certainly not the best bike ever made, I wouldn't even consider it the best 250, but for most of my commuting a bigger bike wouldn't be able to go any faster, although I am sure I'd spend a lot more money in fuel/tyres/brakes trying to prove otherwise. In the 6 weeks or so since buying it I've only clocked up about 1,000kms - partly due to the weather and partly due to the fact that I'm still trying to re-learn how to ride (which does make me wonder about all the >1,000km learner bikes I saw being sold because their owners had somehow outgrown them). Should be putting considerably more mileage on it over the summer though as it substitutes for the 750 as a long-distance tourer.

    I've included some pics. just to show that yes it does look exactly the same as every other red '07 model (and that even with something this new I still couldn't resist the temptation to pull it apart). Only thing I've changed since is to add a sheepskin seat cover.

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  2. Welcome back JD. I loved my GPX. Hope it treats ya well mate.
  3. Yeah, glad to hear you're still around. Although clearly quite mad.
  4. barking mad, case proven beyond doubt, but cunning too :LOL:

    welcome back jd, keep us posted :)
  5. Holy crap jd is still alive!!
    Guess I should read this post soon :p
  6. Probably am mad, especially since I've already started planning on taking it on a 4,000km round trip into NSW this coming February.........
  7. taking in Wollongong, by any chance?
  8. I do have a bit of an interest in the industrial history of Wollongong and Newcastle so thinking of doing overnight stops in both cities on the way home (and passing through Sydney as quickly as possible). Main purpose of the trip though will be to visit Canberra (the war memorial), Bathurst (for the track and musuem), and Singleton (for the coal mines).
  9. Cool choice of bike, just bought one for my partner, same year and colour. I had a ball riding it across melbourne when i picked it up and the run from Devonport down to Lonnie was fun too. Very different to the ZZR1200 but if I was commuting in town i would have one in a flash :)