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When a fellow rider pulls up next to you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. ...what do you do apart from the cursory nod...

    Had a rider pull up next to me at the traffic lights this morning. I of course nodded, and also said 'hello' since I had my visor up....but that was kinda it. Then I turned my attention to the traffic & traffic lights. But I kinda felt compelled to say something or start a conversation :LOL: since we were standing there for what seemed like forever...

    What do you do?
  2. You do whatever works for you...
    I have had chats with riders at lights before, i have also had times when I have said hello and got no response... People are people, so don't expect anything and yet be ready for everything... sometimes you meet nice human beings out there.
  3. depends...
    if I say 'how's it going' and the other rider stares at me as if to say 'stop speaking woman!' i don't say antying else.

    sometimes I might say something about their bike if it's of interest

    sometimes they might comment on mine

    really depends on the situation.
  4. Hmm. Well, when i have 1 min to spare in traffic, i try to move up to the traffic lights. Then i check the lights that are green to see when they'll turn red for them (green for me) so i'm ready to take off.
    i also check the roads to
    see if all the cars are about to stop for me to go through the intersection. Check to see if another bike is behind me trying to get infront of the lights too.
    Double check that i do have the 1st gear engaged 8-[
    Then turn to the other rider and say something about the weather..
    OR just move a bit forward so the other rider is out of sight.
    You could also pass on some Netrider Cards
    Check the time, re-adjust your gloves and jacket.
    Or tell'em "$100 that i'll beat you 'till the next lights"
  5. I'll say hello nice bike ect.
    although two weeks ago i ran into a bloke with a cbr250 and we had a full blown conversation on the way to melbourne as we were getting stuck at every red light, nice guy too.
  6. If they're sitting there twiddling their thumbs in neutral like a cool-cat, reach over with your toe and tap their bike into first. Hitting their kill switch is another good one.

    Just kidding of course.
  7. I am usually very happy to chat to whoever at the lights, makes you feel good about being on a bike :)

    You have to remember to put your visor up though so they can hear you
  8. sports bikers??

    I ride a cruiser, and find sports bikers dont nod, is there an us and them thing? only new on the road and I have seen some 'Mario's' on the harleys with all the gear (and probably no license too) so much for brothers in arms. hmm, wonder if I broke down would anyone stop to offer help??
  9. :rofl: :rofl:
  10. i'm always happy for a chat at the lights.
  11. if you're ever stuck for words, just make up something about there being cops up ahead or something...they'll be very gratefull for the tip

    :rofl: i crack my self up
  12. I've never had the opportunity to chat to a fellow rider at the lights, but if i did, i'd most definately say "hows it going?" or something like that.
  13. Depends on how the person looks, most are keen for a chat, just quick hi, nice bike, blah blah. Some are obviously to cool talk, they are busy posing, nothing wrong with that, if thats your thing. I like to ask them about their bike, what they think of it, problems etc.
  14. I pull out my banjo and start a singalong.
  15. Good topic!

    The other day I followed two bikes down Macquarie Pass, and they seemed to be going quite slowly. One was a lady on a SV, and the other was a guy on a ZZR-250.

    When we got the lights at Albion Park I found out why; the ZZR was running very roughly, and it almost stalled a couple of times. I rolled up between them and turned to the guy and said, "There's a very strong smell of petrol back here."

    The guy replied, "Yes, I know, I'm just ferrying it back to her place; a mate has just crashed it...."

    Then he said, "Do you know who you are talking to?" I was a bit nervous at this response, but said, "No".

    He then identified himself as an old mate, who lives in Heathcote!!!

    So soemtimes it's good to say 'Hi', because with a helmet on, you may not recognise someone whom you should, and vice versa :).
  16. Been there, done that! :LOL:
  17. It just kinda felt weird sitting there, saying nothing...kinda like those uncomfortable silences on a blind date :LOL:
  18. generally have a chat. where there heading where there from etc...
  19. Re: sports bikers??

    I think it's because cruisers are generally put in the same category as Harleys. I've nodded to Harley riders and got nothing back. I also was stopped at the lights next to a cruiser and said "g'day!" and the guy just ignored me.

    However, when stopped down Stanwell Tops or something I usually say hi to other riders, cruisers or not they are polite as per a normal everyday chat.
  20. i hate that, i wave to everyone and even people on sportsbikes dont nod or wave back sometimes (but there usually SQUIDS in shorts and t shirt on litre bikes) no loss if they dont wave back there generally people you wouldnt want to know anyway.