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Wheelz for skillz?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marx, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. For the seasoned gent with a full bike license, absent from bikes for 15years, looking to step back into the realm of cranked over corners & weekends spent wailing out in the boonies, what would be the best bike to hone those delicate skills?

    Let me first say that I would really like to retain my virtually unblemished license history, because I know what the sharper end of the motorcycle market is capable of & I really don’t want to spend all my bike riding time holding back to 5%, or riding around with a head full of paranoia.

  2. Hmm, that's a hard one. Let's see. If it were me I'd take everything I was remotely interested in for a test ride, then I'd buy the one I liked the most.
  3. cb 400
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  4. What b12mick said, but make sure you take a Kawa Z1000 for a test ride. I'd been away from bikes for over 20 years, did a short stint on my KLX250s road and trail, then fell in love with the Zed when I test rode one. I can highly recommend one.
  5. The speed limits are so low now days there's very few bikes where you can really nail it without worry.

    I now have a KTM 450 Motard with 50hp or something, I always forget how hard it goes when I haven't ridden in a while - and the thing's learner legal!
  6. a postie
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  7. I'm with Popeye... you couldn't go wrong with a postie bike could ya?
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  8. Look at a cafe racer style mid sized, Kawasaki w650/w800, Guzzi v7 or a Bonnie, harley 48 etc. enough fun without needing to break the limit by a lot.
  9. if you have no self control doesn't matter what you get, I can do 30km/h over (5 points 3months suspension IIRC) on a 125cc
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  10. My 250 even more so... always got my eye on the speedo...
  11. You guys need more ride experience before saying there is no difference between a 125 and a r1.
  12. I don't think that is what was said at all.
  13. Please explain
  14. If you have self control you won't speed and you will keep your license...

    If you are like me and have no self control you will speed and very easily lose your license on a 125cc, I ride my scoot with the throttle in either the on or off position, I'm often doing max speed possible 85-95 in 50 and 60 zones.

    I probably have more chances of being caught on these urban roads, than i do when i am on my 1200 doing 130 or more in a 100 zone.
  15. What's the seat height on one fm those ?
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    Forget chicken strips...

    Unblemished licence history... Now that's for posers! :p
  17. Self control isnt black or white as you suggest, so the bike does matter.
  18. ...even on a 600 you turn the throttle slightly and you will accelerate 40kph in a second or two without really noticing until a bastard copper is up your arse
    its not discipline, its torture.

    after being booked a few times now i behave myself commuting and i'm still going 140kph on the highway, and that is slow.

    if you don't want to get caught thing is on a bike you really have to go slower than the cars, because they are already going 120-130kph. so if you overtake you're doing 140 and the cops gets a boner for you because you ride a bike.

    having said that go out and get a 1250 bandit, brand new for 12 grand, can't go wrong.
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  19. Self control is self control. Bike does not matter.
    It is black or white. You either do, or you don't.

    Blaming something else when you literally can control the situation, means you have no self control. Case closed.
  20. I think my OP was more about - out of all the bikes on the market at the moment, which is best configured to develop a very good sence of bikecraft?

    The 'Speed limits' argument is best covered in other threads, but regardless of your personal opinion of what you & other people 'should be allowed to do', the fact is anything over the posted speed limit for a given area is breaking a pretty basic road rule. Speeding can be done in Nissan Mica by anyone tall enough to press the pedals, so speeding is more a sign of a lack of skill then anything else.

    Below is a short list of what I thought might qualify (no brand or bike type preferanced).

    Aprilia RS125 - throttle/clutch/gear control to maximise available HP etc. Engine is small but has good erformance qualities. Light weight & good geometry for handling.

    Honda CBR250RR (Aust delivery)- I test rode one of these at Phillip Island, and was surprised how well it handled & how deep you could brake it. Only real limitation was outright speed, tpping out at 140~150kms/hr (which seems OK for a roadgoing bike).

    Dirt bikes - generally really good for bike handling skills, getting used to riding a bike with both wheels sliding about, learn skills in climbing steep/awkward climbs. Learn cutch control for power delivery of loose and/or difficult terrain. Balance & bike handling - crossing logs, fording rivers.