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wheely siwwy qwestion

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Springtime, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. This might seem like a silly question.... but....

    My rear tyre is leaking air from the valve stem thingo. Not the actual valve where the air goes in when inflating, but around the edge of where the stem meets the rim of the tyre. It seems to loose air fairly gradually but if it is touched or knocked in any way I can hear the air escaping rather rapidly.... I cant imagine that this is particularly safe but my question is.. How do I fix it? Im pretty sure the spada has a tubeless tyre so surely it isnt attached to the tyre in any way? are they sold as a seperate part?

    Cheers in advance!

  2. It's very likely that the previous owner has had a flat tye at some stage and has had it repaired by putting a tube in it, rather than plugging it. The tube has rotated slightly in the tyre and has cut the valve stem of the tube. I recommend that you take it back to your mechanic and get him either to plug the tyre without a tube, or replace the tube with a new one.....
  3. Valve

    Could also be a loose valve as some have nuts & rubber washers for sealing. If there'a nut you can see on the outside gently tighten it a bit but not hard as it may break the sealing washers. If you can't see a nut some have it on the inside so the tyre will have to be removed to tighten or replace.
  4. If you have a tubeless tyre valve (rubber body) it's probably not installed correctly or may have been damaged. No one ever replaces these, so it could even be the original. They don't last forever and they're only a few bucks.

    If the valve has a metal body with a lock nut next to the rim, there's a tube fitted, and the tube is damaged. Fix the puncture and get rid of the tube.

    Get it attended too sooner rather than later. Hopefully your tyre's due for replacement anyway...
  5. Cheers to all those who replied! thanks for all the info. I decided to let the pros tackle this one and in the end it cost me $40 to get the valve stem replaced and the rear wheel aligned. Alls well that ends well!