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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by katsal, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Just wondering where I would be able to get my Black wheels polished.
    Really love that look.
    I live in Melbourne
    Any recommendations ?

  2. Elbow grease :LOL:
  3. Are you looking for a polished silver finish?
  4. Yep leave them black, polished wheels are a biatch to look after. Getting them chromed would be easier to look after
  5. Yeah I 2nd elbow grease (& a can of wd40). Then use some polishing crap to make em stand out if you can really be fkkkd. But really... rims get dirty so quickly... so I wouldnt bother unless the rest of your bike is looking pretty bling.
  6. One of the sites had some "chrome" powder coating that was supposed tobe pretty good. Could be worth a look. I saw a black Yamaha 1300 in Frankston that had polished rims, look fcuking awesome and very mean. :cool:
  7. Ok, before your allowed to get your 'polished rims license' you need to go through the testing procedure. It's self-certifying so you've just got to be honest...


    1. Clean your wheels immaculately every single day for 14 days. If you ride it, you'll need to clean your rims again.
    2. Once you've done that you can either choose option A or B.

    Option A: You now realise how much of a f'n pain it is to have to clean your rims as often as you'll have to if you polish them. You can thank me for saving you the trouble.

    Option B:
    Either get out some masking tape and paint stripper, or take it to a bling-shop like Extreme Creations (check Rapid! magazine for details).
  8. OK
    Thanks for all the advice/replies.
    I guess that's why Honda ( VFR ) decided to manufacture this Bike with
    BLACK wheels.

    The other obvious option is to go ahead and have them polished and when they need cleaning use a Gerni.

    Thanks again for the input
  9. :LOL: Best post in this forum for ages; nice one Koma :LOL:.