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Wheels Sprayed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ricohard, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Anyone out there know a good reliable place to get my baby's shoes sprayed?

  2. Hey bro - I know this isn't exaaaaaaaaaaactly what you are looking for.
    But could help, plus it is entertaining.

    Check this out:
  3. Painted wheels look pretty nice but the finish wouldn't last too long if it gets scratched, you could possibly try plasti-dipping them yourself.
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    Depends what gets used for the job. Most alloy bike wheels are either painted from the factory, then clear coated, or they are are powdercoated.

    Depending on the finish you are after, powdercoating is an option to look at. Many people these days like black or dark finish wheels (I like natural alloy looking or silver wheels), and the dark colours come up very well with powdercoat. Hit the yellowpages for outlets.
  5. Do'em yourself with a rattle can.
  6. Neways in Heildelberg ...

    What ever you do .. Don't pressure pack the rims ... They get scratched , chipped and will eventually peel , which may cause slow tyre leaks as the bead doesn't seal on the rim .. Spend the $$ on a professional job :)

    Just my 2cents worth .