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wheels resprayed

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by akumaa, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone knows a good place that sprays the rims of a bike and pricing wise. melb located as well. ive asked a few panel beaters but they dont deal with wheels, havent asked a tyre shop yet but will soon.

  2. Powdercoated?
  3. i thought they where the same thing?oh well, geoff taylor asked $288 to get it done, any other places i can ask?
  4. I can ask where I work, although it's not something we do. I've only had a few bits done from my bike, like the grab rail, headlight brackets and other minor bits. We're not a shop, we manufacture the powder. I'll get back to you early next week if you're interested.
  5. 288 aint that bad.

    Get some quotes from powder coating, it should be cheaper, but u have to give them the bare rims, no bearings rubbers ect.
  6. I might be interested if you could arrange it... I got my rear painted a couple of months ago and whatever they used hasn't stood up to a couple of goes with a normal car wheel cleaner. Hoping powdercoating would...?
  7. Powder coating id the way to go, way more durable than paint. Just ring a powder coater and ask for a quote, as mentioned above you will have to remove, cush drives, sprockets, bearings, discs etc before you drop them off

    Is $288 drop the wheels off and they disassemble them, powder coat them and then reassemble?, if so that sounds pretty reasonable

  8. I'll speak to the guy in the lab (QC) when I'm in next week to ask him if it's worth it and if he'll do it. The last thing I'd want to do to anyone is having their wheels looking crap. I know he's done some bike wheels in the past and from all accounts, he said the guy was over the moon about them.

    DarkHorse, I'm not too far from you, if you want to ask any questions regarding it, PM me.
  9. $288 includes removing of everything, also got quoted for gloss black, not matt, matt is -$50.
    if you have your stand up etc, its -$33 per wheel from price above too.
  10. jorge, im intrested too, maybe we can organise a group powder coat? my friend is intrested as well, but does depend on $$!
  11. Hey, no dramas akumaa. I'll put it to the guy at work to see if it's feasible. What I'm tempted on doing is having a go on my wheels and posting up before and after pics.

    Can't promise anything but I'll have a word with him.
  12. ok cool, thanks for it, if its a go through where abouts is it located to have the wheels coated?
  13. $50 each (had 2 done) presented with bearings removed and threads taped (with foil tape).


    2 years ago now, and still look like new. Were originally anodised, but media-blasted by them to clean them up prior to powdercoating. More durable than paint, and looks better for longer.

  14. i dont have any stands for me to leave my bike on, how much would it cost to bring my bike in and they doing everything? maybe i should just do it at geoff taylor, everyones telling me how cheap it is
  15. Unfortunately as we've moved to new premises the last few months, management have a dim view over "foreigners" being done at work so the QC guy is a little hesitant on doing larger items like wheels here. Not saying it can't be done where I work, just have to be very discrete about it.

    The prices you've been quoted are pretty reasonable.