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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zxparker, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Guys,

    Just got back on the road and want to start doing wheelies... Can someone tell me the general principle behind getting the front in the air without flipping the bike back over my head? I always seem to chicken out at the last minute, if I just need to grow some balls then please say so ;-)

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  3. If you're on something low powered its difficult. To start, be rolling about 20kmh in first gear, clutch in, lots of revvs, clutch out (all of this done quickly). Thats mainly to give you an idea of the front getting light. Can then change it to lots of throttle, then snap off throttle quickly whilst dumping clutch with even higher revvs, to give you the bounce you need to get higher. Take your time, start from lower revvs, working up higher until you get where you want to be.

    And hold on, the bounce will take you by surprise. Have your foot over the brake, ready to smack it if you get too high. Bring back on some revvs as you're coming back down to soften the blow.
  4. As the french would say...

    Growez-vous des ballons.

    Or ask somebody wo wheelies frequently for some tips. Using the clutch is a feel thing and it takes a while to be able to internalise it.

    Be prepared to shit yourself on the first few hundred attempts, it's natural. Keep at it, go a little higher as you get more comfortable and one day it'll click for you.
  5. Thanks Seany

    They are some good videos
  6. What bike are you riding?
  7. hurts a bit when you fall off. Build yourself up, don't overdo it.
  8. one thing I'd recommend is that you keep your right foot on your back brake, so if you find that you have gone too high, you can prevent a flip

    basically take it easy and build up your confidence and control before getting more ambitious

    Good luck :)
  9. all good advice

    would people be keen on a wheelie training day at calder?
  10. Id be keen on a wheelie training day anywhere!!! :grin: :grin:
  11. Heh, sure, why not? :)
  12. Wheelie training day :shock:

    Hmmm I be in that :LOL:
  13. Just get the mobiles on the ready, i would place a bet someone might fall off :p
  14. Wheelies?

    Tip number one - wear a spine protector! Oh yeah, and cover that rear brake. Remember, too, that the price of excellent wheelie ability is often a bike that's a bit more broken than when you started...

    It's great to practise out in a paddock on a dirt bike before you try it on the road, bit of course thats not always an option.

    Any bike will wheelie, but keep in mind that on bikes with less power, wheelying is torture on clutches, and bad landings will bugger your fork seals.

    Ease into it and enjoy....

  15. If its on a 250 road bike I wouldn't bother. Just not enough power and for the sports 250's 1st gear is too long.
  16. hmmmm
    the CB250 loves getting up. the clutch and chain may beg to differ, but there is ample power if the technique is there ;)
  17. Why wouldn't you bother? 250's are easy to get up.
  18. cbr250's will get up quite easy with a bit of clutch. Holding them on the other hand is the hard part.

    250's will rarely lift just from power, but its not _hard_ to get it up. Just give it a dose of viagra!
  19. I have tried on my FZR but the clutch just slips. Maybe my clutch is worn as its not biting hard enough to bring up the front wheel? I can wheelie on dirt bikes using no clutch just low gear and lean back while turning the throttle. My FZR does 80 in first gear and is gear so long.
  20. Bounce it up!