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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. When attempting a wheelie, is it better to slip the clutch out or drop the clutch out?

    Also what revs should the motor be engaged with the drivetrain?

  2. I'm staying out of this one. :popcorn:
  3. a little too obvious for me
  4. :WStupid:
  5. .... I think they teach it at Learners!!..
  6. On your bike? I think you're going to need to find a speed hump.
  7. Slip.

    Depends on the bike and how/where it delivers it's power.

    Your weight will also play a big part.

    Clutch it up hard, high and do it quickly to reach the balance point. As you get close (with the front still on the rise) CLUTCHLESS shift to 2nd and get back on the gas.

    Do this until you hit 6th HOWEVER a TRUE balance point wheelie will be where you use first/2nd to get it up at say 10-20kph and you won't go any faster, bypassing the need to change gears. With road gearing good luck, with stunt gearing (+20T on the Rear) this is now possible, hope your rear brake and throttle control is nigh on perfect.

  8. I hope the OP is just trolling, and not really contemplating learning to do wheelies just yet?

    You got your L's what? a week ago?

    Your on a 125 cheap Chinese? bike, I would be babying that for starters and concentrating on the basics , like road craft etc

    Leave the playing till you have got a lot more experience under your belt.

    But in the end its your life, your bike and your choice.

  9. I disagree, wheeling a bike teaches you fast what clutch/ throttle/ brake controll is all about.

  10. *edit*
    To china bike OP rider
    Don't try.
    Unless you're on private property. Or don't try at all.
    Make sure no one is around you. This is non negotiable.
    Forum demands video the events and crash footage that is sure to follow if you do try and lucky too cause there's your reason to replace that China bike and buy something decent.

    In all seriousness, on the bike you're riding:
    It won't last 2 seconds before head stem bearings explode, locking the front steering as you come down in a spectacular wipe out.
    If that doesn't fail it's likely you'll buckle the front wheel/front wheel bearings,
    It's just as likely that the forks and triples will bend simply from riding much less stunting.

    On the upside parts will be stupidly cheap to replace.

    *sorry but it is friday. OP. Stop, don't think about it on public roads on that bike.
  11. First post in July 2011, talking about picking up new bike, thinking wheelies & stoppies are a little ambitious at this stage, also probable that if you did get a Kymco front or back up in the air, it could bust something on impact when coming back down...
  12. Find a good carpark to practise in, but please whatever you do make sure you have a mate video it for us and post it up here?

    thanks, looking forward to it!
  13. The best way for you to learn is on your mate's bike.
    Do you have any mates?
  14. Where are you?
    I have a bike that I can teach you basic wheelie technique on if you are interested, over an afternoon, on private property.
    You supply the beer, I supply the bike and some quick lessons.

  15. Don't encourage it.
  16. Borrow a mate's litre bike (the shinier the better), start 'er up, pull in clutch, select 1st[ finally ttwist throttle and dump clutch (in that order).

    Money back warranty that your front wheel will lift at which point you probably were wishing someone told you how to come down in one piece.

    Seriously though; if you're new to riding... DON'T DO IT
  17. Can do awsome wheelies on a pushie and some resemblance of one on a dirt bike... But on a road bike? And as a learner? Hell no
  18. Why not?
    I have a bike that wont break if flipped and if he wants to learn I would be happy to teach him the basics of not only wheelies but also slow turns, counterstearing and maybe even rolling burnouts.
    Learning these things can only make you a better rider.. And I'm feeling generous and would like to see how much I can teach a keen newbie some of these skills in one day.

    Its up to him if he wants to take me up on it

    Edit I see the user has been banned...Musta been a troller, oh well!