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Wheelies Wreck Radiators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Chef, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. While having a look over the bike at work today, i noticed coolant had been leaking out of the rad onto the engine and down the side of the bike.
    So i took the rest of the day off to go back home and diagnose the problem.
    The radiator has had a previous repair from a prang i had a while ago, and the coolant looked to be coming from around that area. So straight on the phone and strongly request an immediate re-repair to be done to get me back on the road.
    When i arrive at the rad repairers and show the fella the problem, he asked me if i did 'a lot' of wheelies. Which i thought was a strange question to be asking.
    Then he showed me some other damage to the same area, where the fins had torn away from the rad's frame. Classic wheelie damage he called it.

    I know i looked pretty embarrassed, but i must have looked conflicted as well, because he took one look at me and said, "I don't think i can reinforce it to stop it happening again".
    And i said "i don't think i can stop doing wheelies to stop it happening again". So he's going to look into it for me. Fingers crossed.

    Anyway, the rad's had two hits and a few hundred wheelies put into it, so I'm not surprised it's showing signs of falling apart.
    But the bloke also said he has seen the same thing happen a lot in his time of fixing rad's. So this is really a heads up to the other wheelie junkies out there. And maybe on the off chance someone knows how to reinforce a rad to stop it from happening.


  2. I wonder if you could make a C section 'frame' with some rubber cushioning - and mount the frame to the existing rad mounts?
  3. Hmmmmm a radiator with shocks mounted :LOL:
    I guess it depends on how hard you come down.
  4. You're landing them soft on the throttle aren't ya Cheffie?
  5. Some of them Lozzo, some of them. I've lost count of how many different types I like to do, some are long with gentle landings, and some are short, sharp and slap em down. Then there's all the one's in between.

    I think the biggest problem is the shear volume. Mind you I'm starting to get bored with them. That could be a good thing, or that could be a baaaad thing. time will tell :wink:
  6. Time to get your stoppies happening then.

    Then it's rolling burnout u-turns.
  7. Hehe, I'm trying to put heavier fork oil in the front as we speak. But I've forgotten how to do it. Are you up for a phone call?
  8. Reduce the airgap. Has a greater effect.
  9. Actually that's a good point. If they go past twelve o'clock that seems to f*ck the radiators too. :LOL:
  10. I'm thinking along the same lines. I'll look into some L section that i can mount behind the rad and hide most of it. I don't think i need to add the rubber cushioning effect, hopefully just putting it in a stronger framework will do the job. where it mounts to the chassis it has rubber gromits.
    The problem is it's stretching itself apart with the impacts from the constant landings. Plus I've recently taken to doing jumps, but that's another story.
  11. Hey mate ...You're a bloddy hoon :p
    Oh, and I didn't appreciate the way you were 'eyeing' off the Rad on my hornet :evil: .. NO ! You cant have use it as a spare :p

    BTW, was good to see ya yesterday, was a hectic day @work, sorry I couldn't make time to chat more.
    And thanks for adjusting my chain :) Will put an order in for new sprockets and a DID Gold 520
    Take Care bud !
  12. Are you talking about the air gap in the wheelies? or the air gap in the fork tubes?

    Now that I've re-read your post with some sleep and coffee in the system, I'm tipping you're talking about the shocks eh?
  13. LOL @ the air gap in the wheelies... :LOL:

  14. I know, I know :oops:

    Wait till Rog finds it :LOL:
  15. Airgap in the forx, you hewns.
  16. Goddit!

    So what you're saying is, having air in the forks helps you wheelie?
    Knew it. Hot air even more so I guess.