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Wheelies Past Police Radars?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Who else is guilty of this? Whenever I see a highway patrol or cars flash their lights because theres a camera ahead, up comes the front wheel and off I go. I havent seen a bike pulled over by a cop in the 9 months I have been riding so I am guessing that quite a lot of you dont stop for the police also?

    Cheers and keep it up right :)
  2. Wow the trolls are out today arn't they.
    F#@k off W@%&@r
  3. Whats a troll? You're just jealous because your zz r250 cant wheelie :(
  4. what a great second post , saw a guy do a runner in stkilda one night , shame they got his rego , stuff like this makes them give the rest of us a hard time . Ok to have a little fun , but to run just is going to far I think . If you play and et done , wear the costs .
  5. I 100% agree with you there munkey. If I have done something wrong and they catch me, then I`d cop it on the chin. But they have to catch you first ;)
  6. \:D/
  7. yeah i agree if u try and they catch you then oh well take it on the chin and move on
    if u get away with it... im sure they will find another way to catch us bikers sooner or later
  8. I like to shoot the cops as I go past, then I hijack a bus and park it across the freeway and plant bombs and blow up all the cars that come then sit on the hill and wait for the swat cops to arrive and then I shoot them all and then I head straight for the nearest spray booth.

    I love that game. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. They are just so tempting... see a cop ah what the hell *BOOM* no head!! :eek:wned:

    bwahahhhaahhhha :roses:
  10. teach me how to wheelie
  11. Its easy

    Just rev your cbr250 rr until 17 000rpm then dump the clutch :grin:
  12. ok

    :eek: if i do that with my 954rr i will b in hospital mate :roll:
  13. Still give it a shot. Its only a honda :p
  14. I agree, I believe the pigs should phisicaly have to catch you before they have the right to hand you a ticket. Make the pricks earn it.
  15. Settle petal and have a look who the number one manufacturer in world SBK is. I think your mob comes in at 3 or 4 :LOL: :p
  16. must be school holidays again. All the shit talkers have come out to play.
  17. mathematical formulas that i find interesting

    fast bike + over abundance of testosterone = wanker

    Popping wheelies + cops = wanker2

    wanker2 x speed + cop = court date

    wanker2 x speed + bad judgement + cop = hospital

    correct me if i'm wrong but uponone do you think your better because you ride a "cool" Bike and pop wheelies ?

    yeah i don't ride a fancy bike (can't afford it yet ) but i am still a motocyclist that enjoys the joy of riding and hopefully will do for a long time

    and yes it is just a gpx250
  18. Don't have enough points left...when I see a radar/speed camera I slow down as well making sure at the same time I'm not revving too high so that there's no reason to fine me or pull me over.
  19. Fair odds says the closest he's come to owning a GSXR1000 is wacking off over a toy replica.
  20. what's a wheelie?