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Wheelies :D

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by christrails, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I'm not sure where to put this but I was just screwing around and also shitting myself when I was wheeling XD still getting the hang of it and didn't get much footage as my battery died :( anyway enjoy


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  2. This forums could always use more wheelies.

    I suck, no consistency. Sometimes I can get it up ok and keep it going for a few seconds, other times I just look like a retard.
  3. I'm more the other way and just generally look retarded. Such panache!
  4. Don`t be scared , flick that clutch a bit to lift it up while in motion(it will either fishtail or lift)
    Pull the cycle up while leaning into it pulling your head to the side of the bike to see past the tank/front of bike .Foot over the back brake ,front will drop like a stone if you press it.

    Im so gonna try to stand the beemer now
  5. Yeah I only just started doing them cause burnouts are boring now XD

    Next time I will perfect them and go for a longer distance :D only has 30 mins and I was riding the track the other 25 mins.

    lol! I shat myself I did it by accident! but then I got addicted to trying to keep it up as long as possible. The neighbours didn't like it XD
  6. haha I was at first, I can't the bike doesn't have enough power :( Getting a WR450F soon and wont need the clutch XD but yeah its most of the time fish tailed. I aint pulling it up yet I dont want to hit the throttle to much and then fall :-O
  7. It`s a good skill to have .I would not have gotten the nickname General Ditchfinder if i was better at lifting the front wheel , and did not fly down tracks i did not know
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  8. haha XD
  9. We are talking about wheelies, right?

    Oh, good :D
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  10. I thought the same. Great minds, great minds... :angel:

    Also good lordy I want a dirt bike.
  11. Again, we're still talking wheelies, yeah?

    Ok, maybe I'm stretching that one a little
  12. gotta turn off the traction control on the ducati to do a decent wheelie
  13. HAHA XD

    Get one! so much fun and noooo rules baby! just get up and floor it :D
  14. Yeah.... but if I crash it's nothing. If you crash its probably going to cost you an arm and a leg.

  15. Gentlemen, this is the goal:

  16. Man dirt bikes are the best to learn wheelies on. I'd never done a deliberate wheelie on a road bike, I rode a dirt bike for the first time. After about 30 mins my mate who owns the bike yells out "do a wheelie". It was an old KX125, I was accelerating with medium throttle, gave the clutch a fan and straight up and carried it a bit. I was doing them all day. That gave me the confidence to try on my road bike. I can wheelie on cue but I'm a long way from being good at it. I'd love to get back on a dirty to try and hone my skills one day.
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    You'll be able to pull a decent mono on any bike with practice. A mate of mine used to be able to mono his 175 ag bike all around his back yard......but he was a smart arse.
    You'll find that if you try it at a little bit higher speed you will be in a better torque range and a gentle pull on the bars will get it up easily. Just work out what revs give you the best acceleration and you'll be fine. Once you find the balance point you can hold it for a fair way, too far and you'll end up in a plaster cast :oops:

    For inspiration, have a look at a few of the boys pulling mono's on the hogs.
  18. They are better then you think ,On the dairy we would set all 3 ag bikes up ,And do toe draggers down a very long dirt road (competition) but only when the boss was away


    That Harley guy can really ride that thing
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    Check out all the Quickfix vids, those guys are awesome. Unfortunately the bloke doing the mono on the Streetbob had an altercation with a kangaroo a little while ago and ended up with a busted leg.

    Another good one here.

  20. [​IMG]
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