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Wheelies and stoppies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boro_baba, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Ey guys... I have NOOOO idea where to put this so I thought id just chuck it in the "General" area.

    Ok, I want to learn how to do wheelies and stoppies and just basic stunts. Any1 here wanna teach me?

    Im sure theres gonna be a few diamonds in the rough that are gonna jump down my throat and tell me not to do it cuz theres no point being a hero blah blah blah...

    any help would be appreciated! :)
  2. Clutch in, a shitload of revs, dump the clutch

    You'll be fine :wink:
  3. Drop me a PM, I can get you started in an hour or so. Once you can do the basics, we'll send you off to Nam to get some style happening.

    What do you ride?
  4. Does it matter?
    You can wheelie your bus (ZX9) and Stoppie it pretty damned well to (Though I thought your stoppies looked more stable on the Hornet)
    So if you can play on that you should be able to play on almost anything. :LOL:
  5. Loz gets another convert.
  6. I have a Yamaha R6. I know the concept behind it all and iv popped a few small ones on my 250 but im scared im gonna flip this 1!
  7. Ahhh, you've never lived until you've peeled off your number plate or two by dragging it along the road due to an overcooked wheelie :p
  8. R6 is a ripper bike for this sort of stuff.
  9. Holy shit, you're doing that on an 1100 cruiser? :shock: :p
  10. Dude!!!

    My abs arn't strong enuf to keep me in a seated position at that angle!!!

  11. Loz, you might be able to help me too.

    Last night I discovered just how much of a hooligan bike the Tiger can be despite its civilised riding position. Power wheelies in 1st without clutching it up or bouncing the suspension. Allegedly they do it in 2nd too. HEhehehehEHehehehehh. :LOL:

    How long does it take for a front tyre to go old from lack of use? ;)
  12. :LOL: I didn't ALWAYS ride a cruiser Loz!

    Nah never doing it on this bike, the forks would take too much damage coming down!
  13. by the way loz - i'll be after some 'further tips' from you next time i'm in melbourne, need to get my front up when I want it, not when the bike feels like it.
  14. PM Sent "Loz"
  15. should i practice doing them in 2nd gear or 1st?
  16. Bloody Hooligans :roll:


  17. 1st and clutch-up to start with I'd say. Second is smoother and maybe easier to manage once it's up, but you've got to learn the lift part, and in second that means a whooooole lotta throttle and a whooooole lotta clutch. Don't sweat it, we'll see what works.
  18. As for you Edgie and Spots, gimme a yell if you're in town, otherwise I'm sure there's local hewwwwns who can give you some pointers as it were.
  19. yeah, we have our own 'loz' down here, Neka. has a hawt has modded Z1000 and wheelies like a champ.
    i have to sign up to his 'wheelie school'.
    hopefully next time i see you, i'll be able to maintain a wheelie for more than 0.5 seconds.
  20. Edgie, when you can wheelie and play guitar simultaneously, you've got it made.