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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Ok today I foolishly decided to try a wheelie in a quiet back street.

    So I was rolling in 1st gear, clutch in, I revved it near the red line, then dropped the clutch.

    I had all my weight on the pillion pegs, and I compressed the front forks to help bounce me up in the wheelie position.

    However once the front popped up and I was in the redline, I slipped off the pillion pegs, only holding on to the handlebars.

    Since I was being dragged rather than riding the bike, I over balanced to the left then right, narrowly missing parked mercedes benz and other expensive cars, and somehow I managed to straighten up just as I ran out of power in 1st gear for the speed I was going.

    This could of ended as me spending craploads of bodywork on mercs, a totalled bike, and serious injury to myself, but somehow I got out of all those scuff free, once I was back on 2 wheels I crawled up onto the seat again while moving, then went home.

    I guess I'm a professional squid.:squid:
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  2. You could make $500 on funniest home videos with that.
  3. ***face palm***
  4. ha ah I woulda luv'd to have seen it.
    If your going to wheelie keep your feet on the front pegs and cover the rear brake.
    I use a mixture of throttle and rear brake to keep the nose where I want it.
    And your going to run out of first gear pretty Quick trying to wheelie in it. Second will smooth things out.
  5. Choose your spot. No parked cars or other things to run into
  6. You can try the left foot back on the pillion peg too. cover the rear brake with your right foot.
  7. Dont you have a chinese 150 or something?

    Troll much?
  8. No, it happened.

    And it's a 125
  9. sthis the same clown asking how to mono about a month back?

  10. No you are an idiot for not knowing what a squid is.
  11. also you have been banned for trolling now 3 times, your points are accumulating fast, this is your final warning stop the troll posts (it doesn't matter if you paid your membership the same rules apply)
  12. I'm not trolling, this happened today!
  13. Your record speaks for itself.
    Keep your idiotic posts to yourself and learn wtf a SQUID is.
  14. i can sell you troll insurance from as little as 5 dollars a day.
    access to proxy servers rotating ip#
    pm me and i will give an acct to transfer fees
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  15. i insure BLABBER and he's still here.
    limmited offer at this price don't miss out
  16. hahahaha, you really are an idiot.

    lol [MENTION=34750]MT1[/MENTION].
  17. what you should do is sit on the pillion seat so you have less chance of your feet coming off....
  18. You go to wheelie & you stand on the pillion pegs?

    Hell i can't wheelie but even i know if your gonna try you always always always cover your back brake. Your just asking for trouble doing it the way you did. hell your just asking for trouble with this thread.
  19. what do you mean asking for trouble?
    If he starts another idiotic thread like this and all the other ones then a permaban is in the offing.
  20. Thats what i meant the starting the trolling threads.