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Wheelie School

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cobes71, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Yes, depends how much

  2. Yes, if its safe who cares how much

  3. No, can learn myself

    0 vote(s)
  1. Hi All,

    Is there a stunt ( I just want to do wheelies!! ) motorcycle riding course in New South Wales?

    If not can someone start one?

    As I want to learn to do wheelies, but don't want to hurt myself or damage bike while learning.

    I saw a show from england on T.V where there was a school and the guy says he can teach anyone in a day.

    He has a wheel on the back of the bike and two training wheels on the side. So you can't flip it or tip it over. As you learn the throttle control and balance. He then removes the wheels as appropriate until you are doing free wheelies.

    I want a school like that here. So I am polling it so the astute business wheelie expert creates the course, so I can come and do it.

  2. Mate, you don't need training wheels and instructors to learn to wheelie. In fact, there's only two things you really need. A half decent motorbike with a good clutch, and:

  3. Your poll missed the No Doesn't really interest me as something to learn option.
    My view of wheelies is yeah it's sorta cool, but I'd rather spend time learning to courner better, and faster Oh and safer...
  4. an old school Triple M backpack, Loz?

    OP, You dont even need that. Just go and do it already. You've already thought about it waaaaaaaay too much.

    and if your shitting yourself about wreckin ya bike - dont do it or get a dirtie - easier and cheaper to repair.
  5. what Loz is trying to say is

  6. Cant you learn it from You-Tube??

    Im willing to learn if they supply the bike
  7. Sorry, I should have made my sarcasm more obvious.

    But I stand by saying you dont need ballz of steel! Its just a wheelie.
  8. If you don't think you can keep your own bike upright while learning to do wheelies, you have no business learning wheelies.
  9. +1
    Not to mention the fact I'd rather not have to replace the chain/clutch/sprockets/front fork seals/anything else that's overstressed by frequent wheelies on a regular basis.
  10. Missing the point

    Hi All,

    I want to use someone elses bike safely!

    Get it out of the system, similar to a track day.

    I can feel cool for a day, as it looks like fun.

    Then go back to commuting and going for a blat on the weekend.

    There just doesn't appear to be a available course. Hoped someone would see a business oportunity and create one.

    I don't have the time or the business no how or I'd do it myself.

    By the way steel balls, will not fix bike, ego or bones.

  11. Agreed - doesnt interest me AT ALL - at least at this point in my life
  12. ok, you dont need to learn how to wheelie.
    no one lends/rents bikes to do so.
    no one ever will.
    you cant learn to do it "safely" - cos its not. Thats what makes it fun.
  13. In England they do


    The gentleman in the UK provided everything.

    The system set up on the bike made it impossible to come off initally.

    After they got the balance / throttle thing, every person managed wheelies without incident.

    They didn't do length of the straight stuff. But all achieved 30 - 40 metres comfortably.

    So it seemed pretty safe to me. Unless they did multiple takes and cut out the spills.

    I would also suggest the people attending would have had the desire and most of the skills to perform a wheelie, just needed the confidence and some guidance.

  14. Re: In England they do

    I doubt it. But I encourage you to prove me wrong.

    For those that still have it, we can all have a laugh at the "wheelie machine" link?
  15. Yeah, not interested in riding on 1 wheel, id get a uni cycle if i wanted to do that, much easier,safer and i cant get a fine for it. :grin:
  16. Go to You tube and search for wheelies or similar. There's a good one from MCN or some such... can't search for the link myself at the moment.

    Califorina SBS in California have a wheelie school... dunno if it's on their bikes or not.
  17. Was on pay T.V


    Was on T.V in colour, so it must be true.

    The only way I could see someone coming off. Was if they got of the gas and the bike quickly hit the ground and they were bucked off.

    But as I said I watched it on Pay T.V. one of those motoring shows and no one came off.

  18. The pommy bloke has a bike that cuts out when you get near balance point, so it's harder to flip it. I'm here to tell you, you don't need it. Balance point will come if you work on it, and it's not as dangerous as it looks or feels. You've got a natural safety mechanism that's called "shit yourself and get off the gas."
  19. Re: Was on pay T.V

    So was Star Wars.

    You've already contradicted yourself in saying it was impossible to come off and then offering a scenario in which you can.

    How is the lateral stability controlled?
    Why couldnt the rider slip off backwards?

    Im starting to think this thread is a troll.