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wheelie mishap

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yamahawk, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. There I was out for a sunday ride when all of a sudden I felt compelled to pull a wheelie.I wish now that I hadn't. Moments later I was spralled out on the grass with my bike beside me on its side.My ankle was killin me and I feared I had busted my ankle as I had fallen backwards and to the side after losing my balance. The first thought I had was there goes my track next month. Shortly after some on lookers had arrived to help me in my time of need. Asking me where it hurts. I told her,'MY ANKLE IS BUSTED I RECKON". She said,"YOU SHOULD LEAVE THAT SORT OF STUFF TO THE KIDS", as my kids looked on in amazment just trying to absorb the seriousness of what had just occurred.
    I did however make an awsome recovery and was able ride home some 15 minutes later ,still in pain! No doctor visit necessary but still a bit sore and also able to reflect on what could have been.Loss of work perhaps and more so. What would the missus say.SHIT!!!!
    This story has a positive side to it.Luckily there was almost no damage to my bike. the only repair was to wash the mud out of my handle bars and peddles. Imagine how different things could have been, had I been on the R1.
    I appologise for telling a shaggy dog story ,but I felt a right old goose as I got no simpathy from my kids or my wife. they just laughed at me and said "WHAT WERE YOU DOIN YOU BIG GOOSE".
    I hope you get a laugh out of this and it brightens you day. I suppose there is a moral to this story.I hope you find it.
    PS:My first thought really was ,"WHAT ABOUT MY TRACK DAY NEXT MONTH"

  3. It took me a few moments to figure out why an R1 had peddals on it :)
  4. So the next time you're stuck with a sudden compulsion......
  5. No-one really cares.
  6. :WStupid:

    At least leave bits of bike sprawling behind you....
  7. Haha Goose!
  8. Haha Maverick!
  9. that makes the OP cougar, and you guys are going to top gun!
  10. You Sir, are a
  11. Owch!!! [​IMG]

    Get that ankle looked at.

    And search Youtube for wheelie how to's...!! :grin: ...or arrange beer and boobies for Loz and he'll teach ya. :)
  12. get that ankle looked at, you might of cracked or fractured joint on there. JUST INCASE.

    i know it dont seem like a big thing but until u get a X-ray. it'll tell u what really went wrong.

    goodluck on recovery.
  13. I am AMAZED at that LACK of concern exhibited by fellow NRs.. [-X

    I mean the BIKE really could have been seriously damaged here.


    Hope you heal quickly ya bloody GOOSE :p
  14. haha
  15. Nah, we just all assume that cause he fell backwards, he broke the bikes fall :)
  16. worth the laugh... so as you are a goose you must not be PJ.. think about it
  17. Same thing probably would have happened to most of the people calling you a goose!.. :p ...so don't swet it. :wink: