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Wheelie Machine - Syd

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. I went up to syd for a holiday,

    Came across the wheelie machine.

    It actually helped me grasp the "concept of using the rear brake" to counteract the bike from flipping, pretty good fun man.

    I recorded the video to show my mates, but i thought id might as well make it public.
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  2. first to comment.. hahahaah :D

    so you won't edit out wheelies now aye? what will the next bike be?
  3. Are you harnessed to the bike?
  4. yeah i will do the odd wheelie in my videos but most likely footage from proper locations. I won't be posting footage of me riding around the streets doing wheelies. cops will come knocking to the tune of say music :nopity:

  5. no thats the go pro chest camera
  6. Do they have anymore machines like that...?
  7. I'm hanging to get up to Sydney to have a crack on that thing. I normally go up for work fairly regularly, but, ever since I found out about that thing (a couple of months ago) I haven't been back up there yet (waaaahhhh).
  8. I wonder how much that costs?

    It looks kinda fun for retarded people who might never own a real bike

    Get out their and flick the clutch people , A bike bolted to a platform will teach you nothing
  9. - - Taught / trained my mind to learn to use the brake to stop myself from looping. So id say its money well spent.

    - yeah was a Husky 510 and 1 other gsxr 1000 + a Crf230 with a 12 bar. - i only rode the bike in this video.

    thats how i felt. i made a mission of it to travel from melb to syd, got time off work spent a few days exploring sydney and had a go on the wheelie machine.
  10. Where in Sydney is this, and how much is it?
  11. Hey - i don't know my way around sydney at all - I found the website - details are on there. https://www.wheeliezone.com.au/
  12. IIRC it is in Peakhurst (Near Hurstville) and t is something along the lines of $110 - $130.

    Google Maps says it is a 2hr 45min trip from Bathurst to Peakhurst.
  13. Get a real bike :) Motard for life haha! in all seriousness though dirt bikes are the best for wheelies :) I "cover" the back brake but never use it because of throttle control and just that my wr450f power wheelies in 3rd with 2/4 throttle :)
  14. nothing beats a fast 3rd gear corner pinning it and lifting the front while still taking the corner

    yeah motards are the wheelie machines
  15. i thought u only owned that cheap china 250 bike
  16. nope bought a wr450f recently :) god dam, I cant imagine a 1000cc bike :-O

    man the 450 goes hard. in under 100 meters I can get up to 100KM/h before I need to brake :) and that's not a WOT, it's only at 2/4 throttle :-O
  17. Is that the same as 4/8 throttle? jk
  18. What I mean is I'm not even twisting the throttle all the way. I am only twisting it half way and it's so fun :)
  19. it's more like 5000000/10000000 throttle. :)

  20. one 32/36th