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Wheelie Etiquette?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Well, since I HAD to go to a meeting instead of Yum Cha :roll: I took the bike... tootled along Nepean Hwy around 6.30pm..pulled up to a Benelli at the lights..hmm..nice bike :D

    Anyways, we are in the same lane, light goes green and I take off ....the guy on the Benelli drops back and pulls a huge wheelie and wheelies right past me for a bit then goes on ahead. Was a pretty damn good wheelie :D Now, just out of curiousity..whats good wheelie etiquette? Should I have been annoyed that he wheelied past me without knowing what I was gonna do??

    Oh..and *every* bike rider I came across tonight was really nice to me.. the cruiser rider at the lights, the guy on the Hyabusa at the carpark at Southland and the guy on the naked bike on the Hwy..they all said hi and were really cool :D :D :D
  2. Not that I do it often and not claiming I can do it well but I would think that pulling a mono past someone you don't know is pretty dodgey. In fact, even pulling one in the same lane as a friend takes a lot of trust. I don't even ride that close to people I am unfarmiliar with. Who knows what they ride like etc.. He was probably just showing off to a pretty girl on a bike...

  3. *Looks around for the pretty girl on a bike* :?

    Well, he prolly would have known I was female..we sit differently :D

  4. Oh yeah, you mean side saddle???? :p

  5. If it's the same Benelli (not that many around) that I've seen along Nepean Hwy a few times to/from work on the really nice days, then yeah he's a bit of a twat with a preference for showing off rather than common sense.
  6. Ah ...noooo..certain parts don't get in the way when leaning on the tank with females....so you can tell by the curve of their back usually :p
  7. Erm.. well it was a green/silver thing...and he was wearing..erm, shorts and a t-shirt :shock: :D
  8. ok, heres some wheelie ettiquate.
    Kids: love them , any group of kids love a decent wheelie .
    they will egg you on for one and you do a decent one you will recieve lots of applause.
    but if you stack the little buggers will fry you bad .

    roadworks: road crews (lolli pop blokes with slow signs)
    they love them too.
    imagine standing there all friggin day watching joe dickhead in his cage going past ...........BORING............. drop them a decent wheelie and they have no worries letting you push to the front from then on at the road works.
    make sure the road works allows you to do one first though , last thing you need is to stack infront of a bunch of workmen , they will fry you nearly as bad as the kids.

    Police: they love a good wheelie.
    you pull a decent one , he will remark on you exemplariry bike skills while he writes you a ticket.
    sometimes if its a decent motorcycle copper he might let it slid , but you have to remember while you are pulling that wheelie you are also gaining speed , so you are probably speeding by the time you hit the front tyre down .
    i would tend not to do it in front of a copper.
  9. I once had a copper at maccas in leongatha ask me to do a wheelie for the other off duty cops across the road having a barbie :))))
  10. i got done for popping a wheelie along the GOR, the ticket read "FAIL TO HAVE FULL CONTROL" hmm, i wasnt sure what he was getting at :p

    i felt like saying to the officer, this takes "time and practice"

    ps: have we got any decently skilled stunt riders ( HOONS) in netrider?

    cheers ratty
  11. I confess, it was me, don't worry, I've been riding and racing long enough (30 years) to not put someones elses (or mine) life at risk.

    Sorry if I scared you CodeBlue.

    Don't worry, I don't just show off for girls, usually anyone that I think will appreciate it, someone with smart riding gear or a sports bike.
  12. Mouth, hope you meant that in a nice way ;-)
  13. Nice or not, doing a wheelie past an unknown rider in the same lane is not common sense. Regardless of how well you ride, you can't control/anticipate the actions of an unknown rider.
  14. Hey dude, you don't ride with a group called cruizmotorcycles do you by any chance ?
  15. LOL, as I said...it didn't really bother me.. was an excellent wheelie :D :D :D

    The emergency nurse in me is programmed to say put gear on, but in the end thats everyones personal choice (I had regular jeans on so I couldnt talk!)

    Now I know who you are.. you can do it again :wink: :D
  16. I am the Service Manager for the Benelli importers, we supply bikes to Cruiz, they paid my entry fee for the Superbike support race at the '04 MotoGP, so I rode for them at that event.
  17. you know cruiz???

    ummmm you weren't at the pub in stkilda the other week for that alpine rd DVD veiwing by any chance? i was there with pete (GSXR1000 stunter that stacked on the ride) and benny (yellow CBR954 stunter). man that bunch ride some choice bikes *drool* i think most of them were too expensive for me to look at, let alone touch :LOL:

    i'm well used to ppls doing wheelies past me since i ride with a bunch of maniac stunters. doesn't bother me in the least, in fact it puts a huge grin on my face every time :D. but i can see how that would be annoying tho, if you didn't know the person, then doing a wheelie in the same lane might be a touch unsafe i spose :?
  18. The reason I ask is because a group of us met up with them (cruizmotorcycles) recently on a ride up to Bright. These guys can certainly ride. One of them had a red benelli and did the best wheelie I have ever seen in my life :D :D :D
  19. :p :p :p Style police Pffft...
  20. Na, never really been on any rides with the Cruiz boys but I'm sure to get along to some Netrider & Cruiz outings during this summer (well as long as it lasts :( )
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