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Wheel Stripes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ZX9rB3, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I was womdering has anybody put wheel stripes on there bike and if so how hard are they to apply? I seen a guy on ebay in the UK selling them and I think they look good for a 5 pound upgrade.

  2. Rim stickers, easy to apply. Can look good. Can also look cheap and tacky
  3. 5 pounds? plus shipping?

    Mate go to supercheap and pick up some pinstriping for $4, try and get the stuff that stretches or it will look sh!t
  4. You can get them at places like MCA too.

    Get some glow in the dark ones. :)
  5. Do you know if they are already shaped to a wheel (Circular) or just in a roll?
  6. The ones from the states and UK are curved already
  7. i bought mine from frozzie connections. I think it was about $30... not bad just takes a while to do it. Patience is the key. Will help if you have a rear stand and even better if you have a front one.

    The stickers are reflective so at night... you'll definately be seen.
  8. oh heres some pics



    and without it
  9. I like the way they look.
    I asked the guys at my bike store how hard are they to put on and he rekons you need a real steady hand. They were $30 at Sydney City Motorcycles and i believe 1 roll was 8 metres long. I dont know anything about this precurved though, i havent heard of those ones.
  10. Well I done it I would post a pick but Im not sure how to hehehe
  11. By the way wokstar bike looks good and in my opinion better with than without...................... by the way how did you post your photos ?
  12. wheel stripes???

    you mean rim stickers

    get 'em here in OZ from our Kwaka mate Frozzie
    at www.frozzie.com
    and choose your colour scheme

  13. hmm, doesnt have enough color range?

    what kinda green is it :?
  14. me and kinkybinky did some test run with some orange tape and it looked a great but we just cant make it look nice and straight..
    if anyone is doing a group buy or getting some from the states and buying the curved ones ... ill jump in and get some as well
    in orange :LOL:
  15. Hi Troy I got mine from the UK and they are already circular in shape. They are actually cut from a big sheet of sticker so they are proper stickers not pin stripes. It was easy really to put them on and as for even well I have stepped out of the line a couple of times but you would have to look close to see it. The total cost was 19.95 oz dollars. That was delivered to the door. So not much of an outlay really.

    Cheers :)
  16. dude do u know the link or a web address cause for 20 bucks ill get that
    it will save time trying to allign the tape to the wheel :LOL:
  17. i have them uploaded at www.photobucket.com then you just copy the IMG tag into here and thats it.

    Well no complaints with the rim stickers they stick like sh!t and added bonus of been seen at night. Gets my two thumbs up.

  18. Thanks I will check that site out. I put mine on, on Sunday and I like the look its a little diiferent and cheap to do
  19. more often the latter